Coats & Blazers to Get You Through Spring/Summer

Wow is it sunny all of a sudden! I felt inspired to start sorting out my Spring/Summer wardrobe after learning about the idea of Capsule Wardrobes. First off I sifted through my coats, jackets and blazers a lot of which are heavy Winter coats that will most likely remain exactly where they are (on a hanger in the back of my wardrobe) until next October. I finally settled on 6 or 7 coats that should see me through the next few months. I actually filmed a little video which you can watch below chatting more about why these are my perfect SS15 jackets and blazers collection.
Coats & Jackets to get you through the Spring Summer months

Living in London can be super expensive so I’m really trying to limit my unnecessary spending (yes fashion, I’m talking to you). By identifying my S/S coats now I can easily have them to hand when putting my outfits together over the next few months. Floral print is usually the first thought in my mind when I consider this season in terms of fashion and styling. Bearing this in mind I picked out a couple of my favourite floral print coats, ensuring they were of different styles and colour patterns so as to create a solid mix for styling.

When thinking of your S/S coats collection I would definitely recommend picking out cropped items as these are so much easier to wear this time of year. You also want to ensure the material is not too heavy that you will be overheated walking around during the warmer months. I also wanted to show that you can still wear longer length coats at this time of year so I picked out my favourite duster coat. The material is extremely light and this is exactly what you are looking for in Summer. The colour is also quite neutral so will be easy to match to your outfits.

I’ve also thrown a leather jacket in there just to surprise you 🙂 Leather is totally not just for the colder months. I picked a super cropped leather jacket in a silver colour to add some sparkle to MY Summer outfits on a night out or at a party.

Watch the Video

My Tips When it Comes to S/S Coats

  • Cropped
  • Neutral Prints
  • Floral
  • Denim
  • Light Material
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Let me know in the comments below what kind of coats/jackets you will be wearing over the next few months.

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  1. Surprisingly, I still need my "winter" jacket (even finger-less gloves) early morning/late evening. Wish I got myself a navy blue jacket with narrow ("skinny") lapels.

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