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Collaborations & Interviews

For any enquiries regarding collaborations, bookings or brand partnerships on BecBoop blog or social media platforms please get in touch via email. In addition if you would like to discuss content creation for your brand please drop me an email. If you would like to interview BecBoop please drop me an email and we can discuss further.

Guest Posts & Sponsored Posts

I do not accept guest posts on BecBoop under any circumstances as I prefer the content here to be written in my own style which my readers are familiar with. Sponsored posts will be considered if they are of relevance for my blog readers. Please email me providing as much information as possible about the sponsored post opportunity so that we can discuss further.

Events & Press Trips

I am always happy to attend events and press trips if I am available, thanks in advance for the invite! Please email me with a reasonable notice period so that I can do my best to attend. I am based in London and available for events in the UK & Ireland. I am also open to press trips for travel related content so please email me with details.

Live Coverage & Social Media Takeover

If you would like to discuss live coverage of your event on my Periscope channel please get in touch. I am also open to bookings for social media takeover on your brand’s Twitter channel or Snapchat account. Just get in touch so that we can discuss further.

Press Samples

I accept press samples as I love to discover new brands on a regular basis and share this with my blog readers and viewers if I think it will be of interest to them. Please note that samples are sent for consideration only and there is no guarantee a product will be featured. I feature only products which I have a genuine interest in and which I think will be of interest to my community.

Media kit available upon request.


  1. Congratulations on your new website. I accidentally put my wrong twice for the give away. My correct Twitter is@dpartyka and not @doartyka2

  2. Hi Boop,

    Part time Boop Trooper here. Have you ever done a video tutorial on eyebrows? I have none. I am very fair and was a redhead until my early 40s when my hair started to turn brown. But, my brows didn’t change. I would love to watch one of your tutorials on brows. Thanks

  3. I am excited now to try the new line of Benefit brow products, because I heard your enthusiastic comments. I had put them on my Sephora loved list and will now go buy them. I have very light “half brows” that I had Permenant Makeup done on 3 years ago. But it’s a painful, expensive way to go. I have high hopes

  4. Hello Rebecca

    I too would love to see your advice on eyebrows. Mine are disappearing and would love to do better than pencil them in. I have to use the blonde pencil whereas all others make them too dark. I smudge it on to make it more natural than just a line. Thank you. I’m a Boop Trooper BTW

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