Racing Essentials for the Ladies

This is the first of my Galway Races inspired posts! The Galway Races are starting Monday 29th July and with the weather being very temperamental at the moment I have put together a list of essentials for  fashionista race-goers to ensure you have a stress free race day.

Galway Races 2013 Ladies Essentials Blog

Flat Shoes

This is my absolute necessity for attending the races. You are going to be doing a lot of walking and standing around over the week. Although we want to look our fashionable best nothing beats kicking off the heels and slipping into your ballerina pumps after a couple of hours, especially if you are intending on going out that night after the Races or attending one of the many Galway Races parties on during the week. I recommend getting a pair of flats from Penneys or New Look as, if it starts pouring rain they will most likely get ruined so you do not want to bring out your best pumps. Both of these stores offer a wide range of choice, which are surprisingly comfortable and I would recommend getting a neutral colour that will work well with each of the outfits you plan to wear. Alternatively, if you are reluctant to take your heels off I would recommend the Scholl Party Feet. I once made the mistake of not bringing flats to the Galway Races and believe me, my feet suffered!


You will not want to bring a jacket/coat especially if you are embracing the Ladies Day racing theme as nobody wants to cover up their pretty dress. I would recommend wearing a scarf draped around both your shoulders which works really well as a fashion accessory and can be incorporated into the colour of your other accessories on the day. The scarf can also double up as a rain shield if you get caught in a rainshower by throwing it over your head and making a run for it to shelter. Finally if you are in the stand area and want to sit down in between races you can use the scarf to sit on so you do not scuff your dress on the steps. Again, Penneys is your stop for this as they always have tons of different colour scarves at great prices.

Oversized clutch

You are going to need a reasonable sized handbag to bring all the little essentials I have recommended below. At large events such as the Galway Races it is important that your bag has a secure fastener or zipper so you are not disappointed by losing anything during the day or fall foul to any nasty pick-pocketers. I really like the coral chain stud clutch bag in the collage above which is from New Look. The zip and extra fold adds double security for your personal belongings.


Fashionistas love any opportunity to get glammed up and don a hat; the Galway Races are no exception. Ladies Day on Thursday and this year’s introduction of Friday’s Fair Lady competition give you ample opportunity to wear your best hat. I am so excited to be wearing a hat from Mary White Millinery on Ladies Day and after having a sneak peek of it at the weekend I cannot wait until Thursday to wear it! At the Galway Races you really can go all out on your hat, the bigger the better!

Weather essentials

You cannot predict what the weather is going to be like at the Galway Races, we could have another heatwave like last week or these awful thunderstorms could continue into next week (hopefully not!). It is important to come prepared for all scenarios. Bring a stylish pair of sunglasses so you are not squinting to see if your horse is winning on a sunny day. I would also recommend bringing one of those pocket size Nivea sun creams which you can get in Boots as you do not want one sunny day to ruin your week at the Races by getting sun burnt. They are small enough to fit into your handbag. In case of bad weather I recommend having an umbrella in your bag as, especially if you are wearing a hat you are not going to want to get soaked after arriving at the racecourse.

Inside the bag

Some small pieces I will be stocking my handbag with for the week include hair pins, to keep your hair-do up or to fix your hat in place. I also recommend bringing safety pins in case you need to do some last minute adjusting to your dress and plasters in case those new stillettos hurt your feet. Put a pocket mirror in your bag as the bathroom queues can be quite long and you do not want to waste your day queuing when you can fix your make up quickly with the pocket mirror. Speaking of bathrooms, bring some tissue paper, there is nothing worse than queuing for the toilets at the Galway Races only to get to the top of the queue and realise there is no toilet paper left (being practical here)! Make-up wise I recommend bringing a lip duo which will get you through the day and night, my favourite for long lasting colour is Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colour. It comes with a paint/gloss in a huge choice of colours and a conditioning balm. It really does last for hours! Finally pack in some face powder and mascara for touch ups during the day and you are good to go.

The obvious essentials

Tickets, cash to place those bets, ID for getting served at the bar and your mobile phone to take photos/meet up with friends.

What will you be bringing with you to the Galway Races? What are your Race Day essentials?

Whatever you choose to bring I hope you all have a fabulous Race Week!


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