New Camera & Vlogging Announcement

So I made a little blog investment….well a big blog investment actually! One I’ve been wanting to make for months and one which I have really carefully considered and sought advise on from the Irish YouTube community. I bought a Vlogging Camera!
I’m always banging on about how expensive living in London is so I definitely did not think I would be able to make such a good camera investment so soon after moving here. However one my prizes for winning the Online Marketing in Galway awards for Best Blog 2015 back in April was a cash prize sponsored by the Galway Enterprise Board. I really wanted to make sure I spent this wisely and on something which would realistically be a good investment for the Bec Boop brand.

Why this Model of Camera?

In the end I settled on the Sony A5000 Compact System Camera for a number of reasons. Primarily I was looking for a camera which I could use for vlogging and filming on-the-go. I have a Canon DSLR Camera already which I use for filming my sit-down videos for YouTube and for taking all of the photos you see here on the Bec Boop blog. I wanted something smaller and more compact for travelling. I did receive loads of recommendations but this is the model of Camera which appealed to me the most and suited my needs. I love the tilting screen which enables you to see what is in shot for vlogging (check it out below) and I love the wi-fi feature. I know lots of compact cameras have that feature nowadays but on an overall basis
I can’t get over the fact that I can take a photo on this camera and have it posted on the Bec Boop Instagram page in seconds by sending it straight away from the camera to my iPhone. Wowzers!

Vlogging Announcement!

Well, now that I’ve got this awesome new camera I might aswell use it, right? I’m going to be uploading a weekly vlog of my goings-on from each week and you can come along with me on my exciting London fashion adventure. These videos will not be uploaded to the Bec Boop main YouTube channel, instead they will be uploaded directly to the brand new Bec Boop Vlogs YouTube channel so please head over and subscribe! My weekly Vlog videos will be going live on a Monday evening for you to watch and I won’t be sharing them here on my blog (unless they are of particular relevance to a blog post of course).  
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