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Happy Monday BoopTroop! I’m finally back to blogging again and wanted to share a little London life update with you in today’s blog post. As I mentioned in my previous post 5 Small Lifestyle Changes I’m Making in 2018, I’ve moved into a new flat here in London. Since I published that post in early January life has been crazy busy!

I made the move to London three years ago and I had stayed in the same flat since I moved here initially. At first I shared with one of my best friends until he moved away from London. After that I shared with a couple of other people but I’ve really wanted to be able to rent a flat on my own here in London eventually and that dream finally came true!

I found my perfect flat and I absolutely love it! I’ve moved from North London to Croydon and have been settling into my new flat for the past week. There’s still a lot of unpacking to be done and I can’t wait to make a visit to IKEA as soon as possible but I’m really enjoying making this flat my own.

I decided on Croydon because I usually work near London Bridge and the commute there is super easy! I also managed to find a modern two bedroom apartment within my budget which is what I had my sights set on. I wanted a spare room for when my family and friends come to visit from Ireland. Croydon is also really great for me to travel to Gatwick airport for when I am flying back home to Galway so it just seems like a great location for me to move to! I’ve been doing a bit of exploring this weekend and am pretty impressed with the shopping here, I’ve also scouted out a nail salon near where I live because #priorities. I can’t wait to finish getting everything I need for the flat and fully settling in here.

So basically January was ridiculously busy as I had to pack up all my stuff and arrange the move. Also as most of you know I work as an accountant and of course January is during busy season for us auditors. A lot of my colleagues thought I was crazy to be moving house during busy season but hey, I love a challenge! I was also working on a really intense project with a two week deadline for reporting and so when I moved house last Saturday I was straight back in the office all day Sunday.

I really feel like this is the best fresh start I needed here in London and I feel so happy with my new flat. I feel so motivated to get back to blogging and creating content and I can’t wait to set up a new dedicated blog space in my flat. Most of my friends here live in South London also and I really like living closer to everyone now.

Sooooo after a very busy January I’m really excited to be back here blogging and taking you guys along with me over on my social platforms. P.S. Make sure you’re following (Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat).

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What did you get up to in January?

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  1. Congratulations Bec. I was near your office in December, stayed at Double Tree Hilton, had a meal at Jaimies Italian too. Great area. All the best at your new enevours

  2. Since October, I’ve been working in another city than my hometown but still within the same company. I made the move for a group I cannot have within the same company in my hometown. I thought the work field suits me better. I only rent a small space, so I’m only coming home there to just eat and sleep. I go to art performances in my spare time. I usually didn’t go out after work in my hometown, and I could hardly find something worth of seeing during the weekend (if nothing else – a walk and/or a coffee in the central mall area would still do). But here I have evenings when It’s difficult for me to decide what to choose among 3-4 equally strong alternative performances, according to my taste. Well, late January, they told me at work I’d rather transition into a new role. I am not an outstanding developer or researcher and it’s not the end of the world because of this but maybe I can become a good function delivery owner instead. Someone else is leaving the company and we have to fill in her shoes quickly, smoothly, from within. The function is called unsteady driver warning (for drowse, swaying, etc.). It’s ironical I left my hometown as a function developer in lateral control functions to be an algorithm developer in a computer vision camera blockage (condensation, glare, (heavy) rain, fog, etc.) group in another town and now I’m back to functions in another role but not in my hometown. My initial contract here is through mid-April. My new role is more visible (meetings, phone conferences, etc.). In this capacity, I hope to keep progressing and, finally, persuade someone in a higher role to extend our business in Eire, and, this time, in Galway, with me finally back there for good. Surviving there as a mere busker was difficult, albeit funny, when job applications were left unanswered. But bringing business to the place is a completely different story.

  3. My daughter (2 years younger than you) and her husband bought their first house last Monday. I know how excited she was and I know all the work you are experiencing just moving in. Congratulations on your new place.

  4. I admire anyone who can make a life in London as it is now so expensive I would be priced out.
    Croydon was traditionally a town in its own right in the county of Surrey but has been swallowed up by Greater London now.
    Look forward to seeing more of you on the blog.

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