I see London | 2015 Preview, NYE Outfit & Resolutions

Happy New Year Boopers! I hope you all rang in the New Year in style and are looking forward to the fantastic year ahead. I know I promised to share my big 2015 news with you yesterday but I ended up taking a day out to relax and recover before hitting 2015 with a bang today feeling well refreshed 🙂 “Click to View Post” under the image to continue reading, find out my news, New Year’s Eve outfit and resolutions.
bec boop 2015 preview

2015 Announcement

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last blog post of 2014 (2014 personal & blog year in review) and those who messaged me or got in touch with such kind words. I have been dying to share my big news with you all and thought there is no better way to kick off the New Year than to tell you in today’s post. Bec Boop is moving to London!!!! Yes, you read it right, I’m starting a new job with the same company I currently work for in their London office at the beginning of February. That means I have less than a month to get organised! I absolutely love Galway and it’s my favourite place in the whole world but I truly believe now is the time for me to experience living in a big city such as London and all the opportunities which that will bring. I’m so excited to expand my blog in London although I know this will be more challenging as there are a zillion bloggers in London! I cannot wait to make new friends and experience life in London and I hope to share this with you all here and on my YouTube channel. I’ll definitely miss my family loads as we are all super super close and I genuinely don’t know how I’ll cope without my little dog, Kingsley for cuddles so I expect I’ll be back visiting a lot at the weekends! Don’t miss me too much Galway! Currently I plan to live in London for a year but who knows what will happen in that year and where it will take me!
If you have any tips for moving to London or blog links which I should check out I’d love if you could share them with me in the comments below.

New Year’s Eve Outfit

On New Year’s Eve I went out in Galway with my brother and sister and I wore a navy dress which I had received as a Christmas gift from my parents. I love the fit on this dress and the colouring is very different to what I would usually wear. This year I reverted a bit from wearing dresses on nights out and ended up wearing shorts or pants a lot more but it was New Year’s Eve, so I just had to dress up! I teamed it with a navy furry coat which I picked up in the Next sale and this was so cosy and warm! As there was a little pink/purple tone in the panelling of the dress I accessorized with my pink Parfois clutch and velvet heels from Schuh.
Let me know how you celebrated New Year’s! I’d love to see your New Year’s Eve outfits so tag me in them on instagram (@Bec_Boop) and I’ll drop by and check them out.
Bec Boop new years eve outfit
Bec boop party outfit
Bec boop 2015 preview

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve got quite a few New Year’s resolutions this year which I’m going to make my best attempt at sticking to for the year. 
First up some blogging resolutions which are mostly focused on more regular posting and getting a bit more organised. I’m going to aim for a total of 15-20 posts per month here which I think will be manageable and a sufficient number to still deliver high quality posts. I’m a believer in quality over quantity. Over on YouTube I’ll be uploading a new video every Sunday and every second Wednesday so make sure you’ve subscribed and don’t miss any videos.
Bec boop new years resolutions
I’m going to make more use of notebooks this year. In the past I’ve become so used to the convenience of using my phone for everything as there is literally an app for anything nowadays. For christmas I received some cute notebooks and I forgot how much I enjoyed taking time out to write in my notebooks. I used to love writing and find it quite therapeutic so I’m taking a little step away from the phone this year to use my notebooks a bit more. I’ve got a total of 4 notebooks now; a YouTube notebook, a blog notebook, a personal notebook and a mini handbag notebook (see this one here). I’ve also got a 2015 diary which I’m going to use instead of the calendar on my phone. 
More blogging resolutions include getting some proper lighting for filming my videos – I’m looking at different softbox lighting options and am going to invest in these once I get set-up over in London. I’m also going to make an effort to comment on every blog post I read. I love interacting with readers through comments and it only takes a quick second to comment on a post after taking the time to read it. 
Some personal New Year’s resolutions for me include the following:
No TV Yes, you might think that sounds crazy but about mid-way through 2014 I decided to scrap TV from my life altogether and I can honestly say this has had such a positive impact on my lifestyle. A few years ago I would have watched every reality TV show going and essentially wasted hours of precious time. I’m so much more productive now that I don’t watch TV. Although the little slip-up every now and then is ok (I just had to watch Frozen over the Christmas break) I’m going to try and continue into 2015 without TV.
Work with a charity I’ve organised quite a few charity events over the past few years and this is my way of using something I am good at to give back to a cause I feel strongly about. On this one I might have to wait until I move to London and I’m going to check out the different animal welfare charities over there then to see how I can help out.
Run at least 3 times a week I’m terrible for only working out when the weather is good…which is not very often! I’m going to try and run 3 times a week anymore using my Nike+ mobile app. I think this is a reasonable goal.
Bake and cook more It’s very easy when you are only cooking for one to slip into the same meal routines and dinners each week. I’m going to make a big effort to be more adventurous with my cooking and to actually start baking! Who knows, I might even film some baking videos to share with you. Disclaimer – I’ve rarely baked in my life before!
So they are my New Year’s resolutions! Here’s to hoping I stick to them or make a big effort to at least. What resolutions did you guys make this year?

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  1. I was wrong w/ big announcement. Thought u were getting married. I left my soul in London 35 yrs ago & then 25 yrs after – baby sis Sabina (11 yrs 4 days younger, lung physician, faculty, research scientist) was working there 4 EMEA 4 couple yrs. She rented a 1 bdrm apt on 47 Amsterdam St., Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf). Galway will not b the same w/out u. Will u still b featured in CRAIC? Will u rent the house u bought? If I get a job, I want sweaters, cardigans & Irish working class attire (hat, vest, shirt) from MacEochagain. Their RedHead Megan, her bf + female guest kindly took me 4 NYEP countdown in The Dail + treat. We hummed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8r-tXRLazs . Wished her co-worker Blondie Megan too had been there & then.

  2. Thanks Ed! All is under control, but thanks for your kind words about Galway. It's still my most favourite place & I'm sure I'll be back frequently 🙂

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