Penney’s to the Rescue

Yesterday I went to Galway to visit my family expecting to drive back to Limerick again that same day….but things don’t always go to plan 🙂 My sister Stephanie persuaded me to go out with her in Galway City and we embarked on a mission to find a full outfit for me to wear out as I had absolutely nothing with me. Shopping on a budget can be difficult and after an unsuccessful search in New Look I found a suitable dress, earrings, shoes and a handbag in Penney’s. The entire outfit came to less than €60 and that was it, one shop and I was sorted! I love the colour of the dress, I think it is really summery and easy to wear. The shoes were so comfy  and I know I will get more wears out of them as the colour is so neutral it will match anything. The handbag was a perfect size to hide my flat shoes for the end of the night 😉 
So there you have it Fashionista’s (not that anyone needs reminding of this) if you are shopping on a budget and in a rush – Penney’s is your one-fix option.


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