August Thrift Finds at Pandoras Box

Yesterday I visited Pandoras Box, a monthly in-door flea market event in Galway. I am trying to impose a spending ban of sorts and thought that by doing some thrift shopping I could spend a little without feeling guilty about over-spending. I was at least an hour at the event browsing the different stalls and I picked up some gorgeous vintage finds.

August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway
First up – jewellery finds. I picked up these drop earrings for €2 per set at one of the stalls. The little camera earrings are an ode to my love for blogging and improving my basic photography skills. I think they look very cute. 
The Parisian trend never gets out-dated and is a style which I adore. I dedicated a blog post to this trend a few months back which you can read *Here*. These little eiffel towear earrings will add some Parisian chic to a professional office look.
August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway Camera earrings
August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway eiffel tower earrings
This ‘Lovely’ necklace was an absolute steal at €1!! The writing is a really cute size, not so big that it begins to look trashy. I really like cute statement necklaces or rings like this.
August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway 'Lovely'necklace
This satchel style shoulder bag was €5. I love the leopard print pattern and think that this bag will look good with an understated monochrome outfit to add a pit of patterened fun to a look.

August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway leopard print satchel shoulder bag
August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway satchel bag

This was my favourite vintage find of the day from the Community Aid (Gort) stall. A silk feel kimono style jacket in beautiful shades of blue, purple and pink. I could not believe this was only €7.50! Seriously going to be doing a lot more thrifting me thinks! I have some nice outfit ideas to wear this jacket with mostly focusing on the jacket as the main piece in the outfit and wearing navy leggings or disco pants with  a neutral top and some cute jewellery.

August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway
As you all know, I love bows, so I just had to pick up one of these hand-made headbands. There was a great selection to choose from all for €2 and I opted for this floral print which will be a nice transitional piece for Autumn. Earlier this year I wrote about 5 ways to wear bows which you can read *Here*.

August Thrift Finds Pandoras Box Galway floral headband

What do you think of my thrift finds this month?
Any favourites?

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