App of the Week: Fashiolista

App Review: Fashiolista App for iphone
Price: Free
– Discover amazing fashion items, stores and brands
– Follow bloggers & influencers who inspire you
– Love your favorite items and create your own style feed
– Share your finds with friends & others
– Gather hundreds of followers and inspire them with your personal style

This week I downloaded the ultimate Fashionista App – Fashiolista. I had just discovered the website last week www.fashiolista.comand was already addicted to ‘loving’ items while browsing online.
To give a bit of background fashiolista is a website which allows you to follow other individuals with similar style and to ‘love’ items from fashion websites. This is enabled through adding a bookmark  and believe me it becomes seriously addictive! The real thrill comes when you ‘love’ an item first thus adding this to your ‘finds’. As there is no way of knowing before you love an item, the number of people who have got their before you it gets pretty exciting!
The app is an absolute necessity for fashion bloggers and this week I added my fashiolista to the Bec Boop Fashionista World blog sidebar. You can follow Bec Boop at
You can link your profile to your facebook, twitter and blog pages. The App itself is limited in that you can only review items loved in the following categories:
People I Follow
All loves
Fresh Finds
On the plus side, the app provides convenient access to your fashiolista profile while on the move. You can view your latest follows and finds.
It is not possible to love items whilst out browsing in a shop, or to add the ‘love’ bookmark using the App. Maybe this is a feature which will be added in the future. Overall I have given the App 3 stars but the website would be a definite 5 star rating 🙂
See some of my recent ‘loves’ below. I am in love with the bows trend at the moment as you might notice!


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