I was in two minds about whether to write this blog post or not. I am celebrating some fantastic recent news in the form of not one, but two blog awards nominations I have received! Hard work is always a cause for celebration and I work my ass off here on BecBoop and on my social platforms. I also want to use this post as an opportunity to thank every one of my blog readers and live viewers for nominating me and everyone who was already voted for me!

BecBoop london Periscope Snapchat awardI cannot tell you how surprised I was by the nominations, I actually cried over the #BloggersBlogAwards one (more on that below). I have also shared details of how you can vote for me if you enjoy my content and stories on my Periscope channel Boop.LIVE and Snapchat (Bec_Boop).

Just before I moved to London I won my first blog award, Blog of the Year 2015 at the OMiG awards in my home city of Galway in Ireland. So much has happened since then, can you believe I was not even live-streaming back then! That was honestly my proudest blog moment to date though, to be recognised in that way in my home city meant so much. Now to find out that I have been selected as a finalist in the Best use of Social Media category at the #BloggersBlogAwards and also as a Best Newcomer on Snapchat in the Snaphappen Ghosties awards. I am still in shock!


BecBoop london Periscope Snapchat blog awards

The #BloggersBlogAwards are a UK community based blog awards event organised by the fabulous Hayley from Tea Party Beauty. Last week my jaw dropped when I saw my inbox notification pop-up “Congratulations from the #BloggersBlogAwards”. I was aware that the shortlist of finalists was being published but never in my wildest dreams expected to appear on it alongside such amazing digital talent!

My nomination is in the category of Best use of Social Media for my live-streaming work on Periscope which I have talked about many times here on BecBoop. I am a massive advocate of live-streaming, Periscope and how bloggers can utilise this platform. For these reasons I was honoured to be the only periscoper to be short-listed and to appear in the Best use of Social Media category! I feel very lucky to be a part of the UK bloggers community, everyone has always been so kind and supportive to me since moving to London whether it be at events or online. I am super excited to meet everyone at the blog awards ceremony in October!

I would absolutely love your vote in the blog awards if you enjoy my Periscope content. Simply visit this blog post, scroll down to the let’s vote section and select Bec Boop Fashionista – Periscope in the Best Use of Social Media category. Don’t forget to submit your vote after you have finished voting for all of your favourites!

Snaphappen Ghosties Awards

snapcode bec_boop

The Ghostie Snapchat awards are an awards ceremony coinciding with the Snaphappen community event here in London next month. Again I never expected a nomination in these awards! I joined the Snapchat bandwagon a little late in the day as I was so focused on Periscope and live-streaming. This year however I have been trying to put a lot of effort into my Snapchat content and the feedback I have received from you guys has been so positive. I am also having a lot of fun with it and that is the most important thing, right?!

I am nominated in the category of Best Newcomer alongside some top Snapchatters so please head over and vote if you enjoy watching my daily Snapchat stories. It is super easy to vote, simply visit Ghosties.Snaphappen.com, log-in with Facebook (it takes less than one minute), scroll down to Best Newcomer category and click on my photo under Bec_Boop. You will see a cute ‘Voted’ banner appear over my profile image then. Please note you can only vote ONCE in each category.

Thank you again for all of the nominations and to the judging panels on both committees.

I feel like the luckiest blogger in the world and am extremely grateful to be nominated. I am so passionate about remaining creative in my daily life and love using Periscope and Snapchat to share my stories and travels with you all.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below, make sure to let me know once you have voted so that I can thank you personally. 

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  1. Congratulations Bec. You deserve these awards. You are a fantastic broadcaster, blogger, vlogger and more. I’m so thrilled to have found you. You make me feel as if I were you friend. God bless

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