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“I am not a journalist by profession however through my work on Periscope I somehow find myself in this mojo genre.” 
Mobile journalists from all over the world gathered in Dublin this past weekend to attend the 2nd annual MojoCon event as hosted by RTE. I was over the moon to have been asked by organiser Glen Mulcahy to speak on the live-streaming panel on the first day of the conference and share my passion for Periscope and live-streaming. Moderator Krishna De introduced our panel Mobile Live-Streaming: The shift to live and social in news coverage. I was honoured to join the other speakers on the panel from Twitter UK, BBC and ABC Australia. Of course I was a little nervous before getting up there but I enjoyed every second of sharing how live-streaming has changed my life, how I built my community and how I used live-streaming to help others. After I finished speaking my phone was hopping. I can safely say I have never had so many notifications in my life and it took such a long time to read through everyones comments and tweets. This was such a thrill and I’ve picked some of the tweets to share in this blog post further down the page.
I was then surprised to find out that @RuthKennedy1 who had been at MojoCon had live-streamed my presentation on Periscope! Thank you Ruth! I have uploaded it to my YouTube channel and although the first few seconds of the presentation are missing you can enjoy the majority it and hopefully find it as useful as everyone at MojoCon did. Please do feel free to comment on the video if you have any questions at all that I can help with!
The feedback after the presentation was so positive and it was so great to hear from everyone who had listened to what I had to say. I enjoyed the rest of the conference learning about mobile-journalism kits, disrupting modern media, mobile photography and much more. I have since even begun to build my mojo kit and invested in my first audio mic for my mobile. Here’s to even better sound on my Periscope channel! I have to thank RTE and Glen Mulcahy for having me involved and I look forward to the next MojoCon!
Fashion blogger @BoopFashionista with her tip-top tips for using Periscope. Top stuff. #Mojocon

— marc blank-settle (@MarcSettle) April 29, 2016

.@BoopFashionista used Periscope to raise funds for charity #mojocon @rte

— Alli Shultes (@alli_shultes92) April 29, 2016

Hearing how @BoopFashionista and her #Periscope community raised funds for a cancer charity #mojocon

— Krishna De (@KrishnaDe) April 29, 2016

@boopfashionista Rebecca Casserly on instant marketing to a global audience via Periscope #mojocon

— Aoife O’Connor (@AoifeMEOConnor) April 29, 2016

Loved Fashion blogger and Periscope queen @boopfashionista top tips #mojocon

— Sophie Shardlow (@sophieshardlow) April 29, 2016

I had an incredible time at #mojocon and loved meeting everyone! Thank you @GlenBMulcahy @rte for having me speak.

— Bec Boop (@BoopFashionista) April 30, 2016

Watch my Presentation via @RuthKennedy1 on Periscope

 I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What are your thoughts on mojo?
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  1. I always have so much fun watching your Periscope’s. I show them to everyone. Sometimes, I’m at work when u come on, but, I always watch them later. I showed them to all the girls at the hair salon, one Saturday.

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