Nespresso iced caramel coffee recipe

Happy Monday BoopTroop! I’m starting the week with a recipe for my current favourite coffee drink – the perfect iced caramel coffee. Let me know if you try out this recipe by sending me snaps on Snapchat Bec_Boop or tagging me on twitter @BoopFashionista or Instagram @Bec_Boop. I would love to see you all enjoying this perfect iced caramel coffee drink during the hot Summer days!

What you need to make the perfect iced caramel coffee:

Nespresso Intenso on Ice capsules


Ice cubes

Caramel Syrup

Coffee Glass (I used Nespresso Pure Recipe Glasses)

Prep time: A few minutes!

Nespresso intenso on ice

So for this recipe I picked up the new limited edition Nespresso capsules specially made for iced coffee. There are two types available and I went for the intenso on ice. This is a really bold coffee flavour designed for an intense coffee on ice experience at home. I love it! I also use the Nespresso MagiMix coffee machine as you can see from the images.

Start by adding some ice cubes to your coffee glass.

perfect iced caramel coffee recipe

Next add some caramel syrup – man I love caramel syrup in coffee whether it’s hot or cold. Always with the caramel.easy iced caramel coffee recipe

Then add your intenso coffee pod to your nespresso machine and push the start button. how to make iced caramel coffee

In the meantime I used the Aerocinno to froth my milk. If you press and hold the button this froths the milk while keeping it cold – perfect for an iced coffee. As an alternative here you could just add cold water but I prefer milk for the perfect iced caramel coffee!

BecBoop iced caramel coffee recipe
And there you have it – the perfect iced caramel coffee. This tastes so delicious and as you can see – it’s really easy to make! Enjoy.
perfect iced caramel coffee summer

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What is your favourite iced coffee recipe? Let me know if you try this one out!

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  1. I am not a big fan of iced coffees. But I like hot lattes as a treat when I’m out. From watching your scopes I now add a shot of syrup.
    This does look tempting .

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