30TH birthday BecBoop30TH birthday BecBoop

If you follow me on social media you’re probably over all the 30th birthday party pics so apologies in advance for a full blog post about the party! One of my favourite things about BecBoop is being able to look back on blog posts from a few years ago and re-live so many amazing memories. BecBoop is my little online journal and I really wanted to share my 30th birthday party night in this, my online archive.

At first I wasn’t convinced about even having a birthday party when I turned 30 this year. My brother quickly talked some sense into me and reminded me that you’re never too old for a birthday party! While I was back in Galway over the Christmas holidays we planned the party out and I decided on one of my favourite Galway venues – the House Hotel – and we went ahead and booked it.

30TH birthday BecBoop30TH birthday BecBoop 30TH birthday BecBoop

I kind of wanted a small party with my family and close friends and I was really hoping my friends from London would be able to make it over to Galway to celebrate. Of course the week of my birthday we were hit with the really bad weather in the UK & Ireland and at a time I really thought the party would have to be cancelled as I might not be able to travel back! My birthday was on 1st March and I firstly celebrated with a really nice dinner here in London with so many of my work friends. I was due to fly back to Ireland the next day, on Friday afternoon but that flight got cancelled due to the snow 🙁

Luckily I managed to get on another flight on Saturday afternoon with my friend Laura. My two other besties from London, Salman and Camila were on an early morning flight on Saturday. So I was pretty convinced with all the weather warnings that at least one of our flights on Saturday would be cancelled! Luckily they all went ahead and I couldn’t believe our luck! We did have some delays of course but myself and Laura made the most of the time, doing our hair and makeup over a glass of prosecco in Heathrow airport.

We landed in Shannon airport at 6pm on Saturday evening and my mam came to collect us and basically we got ready super quickly and went straight to the party! Wooooooooo! I had such a fantastic night and I was really overwhelmed with the huge effort everyone made to come along and celebrate with me. A lot of my family had travelled during the day to be there and in the bad weather I know this was a really big effort! My London friends also basically spent the whole day travelling just to get to the party! I was so pleased to have my best friends and family all together to celebrate with me.

I also loved the venue! My family had gone into the House Hotel during the day to put up 30th birthday decorations and the party area looked amazing! My Mam’s lovely friend Noreen had made me a birthday cake and we all loved it! We danced all night long and of course finished with a good sing-song until we were the last people left in the venue. I had so much fun and even though it was a bit of a panic in getting there due to the weather – it all worked out in the end! My 30th Birthday party was a really special night and I’m so grateful I got to celebrate with all of those closest to me. Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes 🙂

30TH birthday BecBoop 30TH birthday BecBoop

Photography via the House Hotel, Galway

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