If like me you missed the January fitness-craze bandwagon, do not fear. There is still time! I have teamed up with Fibre One who have recently launched in the UK, to bring you some easy, fun fitness challenges for February. These short workouts can fit into your daily schedule, regardless of how busy you are. I will be first to admit I am not a gym-bunny, primarily because I do not have the time. That is why this collaboration appealed to me, any fitness challenge which is fun and which complements your daily routine is right up my street. The most important thing is to embrace any fitness plan with a positive attitude, have you seen the cute workout clothes in-store at the moment? Any excuse to go shopping! Combine these fun, fitness challenges with a healthy, high fibre diet and your body will thank you for it.

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Take up Live Streaming

No kidding, when I began using live streaming app Periscope I felt fitter than ever before. You are probably wondering how? Well the type of broadcasting I do on my Periscope channel involves showing my surroundings, travel broadcasts and basically exploring. This equates to a lot of walking! Especially in London where I live and this is something which has been echoed by many of my Periscope friends. You will rarely hear the words ‘pick up your phone’ and ‘fitness’ in the same sentence so I say discover Periscope and the fun things around you. Live streaming gets you out and about, on your feet and without even noticing – burning calories baby! It is also a lot of fun so what are you waiting for. Approximately 30 minutes of live streaming on-the-go at a casual walking pace should equate to burning 90 calories.


I will preface this with – I can’t dance! Not to save my life. But dancing is still one of the most fun and easiest ways to burn calories right?! I love to pop on my favourite music (think Taylor Swift) while I’m getting ready and have a little dance. It is also guaranteed to put a smile on your face with mood boosting endorphins! If you are feeling more adventurous why not try out Clubbercise – the UK dance class that is supposed to be more like a night out than a work out.

Go Pedal Boating

So you can even burn calories during a date (and not the way you were thinking of!). Hire a cute pedal boat and enjoy yourself. That is literally all there is to it! You can pedal around a picturesque lake with your bae, take the obligatory instagram pics and all the while getting in your fun, fitness challenge. Hyde Park and Alexandra Palace park are visually some of my favourite lake-boating spots in London, although I’m still waiting to be asked out on the actual experience. 

Other Fun Fitness Challenges

Mobile apps make it super easy to burn calories on the go.  Lots of my friends swear by them. Just pop on over to your app store and you are sure to find something suitable. The notifications will also remind you to keep going, should you forget! 
If all else fails just think back to your childhood and what you enjoyed doing? Skipping, cycling, hula-hooping, bouncing a ball, skating – the options are endless. When you stop to think about it, you might not even notice the things you are actually physical activity and contributing to your fitness regime. 
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Many thanks to Fibre One for sponsoring this blog post and allowing me to share some fun ways of keeping fit. Available in two flavours Fibre One allows us to enjoy life’s little indulgences thanks to a deliciously satisfying 90 calorie snack that is baked naturally high in fibre and lower in fat. Now we know how easy it is to burn 90 calories you can indulge in one of these treats completely guilt-free.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Let me know the fun things you like to do to keep fit. 

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