London Fashion Week Beginners Guide BecBoop
London Fashion Week Beginners Guide BecBoop
I will be attending my second London Fashion Week this month having covered the SS16 shows last September. I can recall feeling a little overwhelmed in the run-up to my first London Fashion Week so I thought I would put together a quick beginner’s guide to London Fashion Week sharing my tips for the run-up and during the week. Whether you are a blogger attending for the first time or planning to attend in future season’s I hope you find this useful. To follow my London Fashion Week AW16 experience make sure to check out my Periscope channel @BoopFashionista.

How to Attend?

One wants to go to London Fashion Week, one attends London Fashion Week. Not that simple unfortunately. There is an official blogger application process on the London Fashion Week website but to be honest this is pretty long-winded and usually only the bloggers with large daily viewer numbers get approved. All is not lost however. The majority of fashion bloggers who attend London Fashion Week follow an alternative route, that is contacting PR’s directly by email. A couple of months before London Fashion Week, the contact details will be published online. It is just a matter of picking the shows you want to apply to and sending a short, concise email to the PR. Be sure to include your postal details in the email so that they can easily send out your invite if you are lucky enough to get one. This is how I generally apply to the shows I want to attend.
vinti andrews london fashion week presentation 2015

What to Wear?

Most likely, this will be your first thought when you decide to go to London Fashion Week. I had been living in London for a few months so had become accustomed to the importance of fashion practicalities in this city. Bearing this in mind and also the fact that you will be waiting in queues for long periods of time and/or standing to watch the shows I would strongly advise wearing comfortable footwear. Also wear something which you feel comfortable in, especially if you are planning on taking some outfit photos for your blog or hoping to get snapped by some street-style photographers. There will be a lot of people waiting around before and after shows and the more comfortable you are the less stressed you will appear 🙂

The Week Before…

By now you should have a clearer list of the shows or events you will be attending. It is a good idea to write these down and include locations and times as you will find yourself dashing around on the actual day. I find it easiest to add them to my mobile calendar as I will always have this on me during the events. The week before is also a good time to finalise your daily outfits or looks (see above) as you will still have time to pick up some last minute pieces to complete your ensemble. I would also recommend printing out your e-invites and keep them in a safe place up until Fashion Week arrives.
james kelly london fashion week 2015

It’s Here!

If like me you are so excited for your first ever London Fashion Week you might end up forgetting a few essentials (ahem, yes this happened) so please read on. Pack your handbag carefully each day. Think of the everything you will need and make a list if necessary.
  • Invites
  • Mobile phone & portable charger
  • Camera & SD Card (yes I forgot my memory card at my first show!)
  • Make up to top up your look in between shows
  • Business cards
Another thing to remember for your first London Fashion Week is to arrive early. There will be a long line of people waiting to gain entry to shows and presentations so my best advice is to arrive early for guaranteed entry.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  If you have attended London Fashion Week before why not share your tips in the comments below. 

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