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Happy Scope Day!
Scope Day Periscope
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It’s finally here, the first ever global Scope Day! Today’s blog post is a short one to bring Scope Day to everyone’s attention, if you by some chance missed my countless social media promos about the event. Scope Day is the first of it’s kind event. Over 60 of the world’s top content broadcasters on Periscope app will take you around the world consecutively over a 16 hour period. I am honoured to be one of two London featured scopers, along with my friend @MrASingh. I will be scoping at 10.55pm local time at Big Ben London so be sure to tune in (@BoopFashionista). I am also super proud that my sister (@Stephy_Casserly) is the only featured scoper in Ireland. She will be showing my home city of Galway on the West of Ireland at 9.30pm local time.
The event kicks off at 1.15pm GMT in Egypt and by following the hashtag on twitter #ScopeDay or the Periscope Account @ScopeDay you can travel around the world without even leaving your home!  There will also be music intervals with some talented Periscope performers during the period. I am going to try and catch as many scopes as I can during this period and will be sharing as much as possible on my account. All Scope Day broadcasts will be saved on a Katch website so that they can be viewed after the event on replay. I’ll admit I am the teeniest bit nervous! I’ve been scoping since the end of April but this is definitely the most exciting Periscope event I’ve been involved in!
Scope Day is also supporting some really great causes including #SkipforGood and Help the Journey.
Well done to Scope Day for putting this together and I hope you all have fun watching!
Let me know in the comments down below if you were able to join Scope Day and where in the world you travelled via Periscope.
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