Before I Wanted to be a Blogger

Before I wanted to be a blogger, or in fact, before I even knew what blogging was; I wanted to be a journalist. That is not to say that many other career options from various extremes didn’t flicker through my mind, from fashion design to wrestling (no joke). I knew what a journalist was form a very young age, I loved to read and write. I can remember reading spelling books in bed as a child, I just loved the English language so much. I would finish a book and turn it right back to the start to re-read before mother dearest eventually prised it from my hands after the third read. I was a book worm. I would read books about journalists and dream that I lived in that investigative, unpredictable lifestyle. 

Then reality kicked in and I somehow became an accountant. I love my career and it is what I am great at but what I love even more is that through blogging I have been able to embrace my childhood dream without giving up my career. Blogging is a form of journalism and I find it amusing that little Boop knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up – write and investigate! I have been blogging here on Bec Boop for nearly three years, which began shortly after I finished studying to be a professional accountant. I finally had the time I needed to put into my creative side. Some of you might also remember I worked for a magazine back in Ireland as a correspondent covering Galway news and fashion reports for over 30 editions of the magazine.

If you’re wondering why I am randomly sharing this information here on Bec Boop I’ll tell you now. The team from Workwear Express recently sent me a personalised blogging uniform along with some goodies to keep me going while I blog into the early hours. As part of the campaign they wanted to know what bloggers would say when they were asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’
How did you answer this question when you were little – ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

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