Coffee Brewing Masterclass with Thermos

If you follow me on Periscope you will have seen my daily coffee-scope, so it is no secret that I am quite the coffee lover. So when this invite popped up in my inbox from Thermos I was so excited. This is my idea of a perfect weekend morning – coffee and learning about coffee, in the company of coffee lovers (did I mention…coffee). The Thermos coffee masterclass took place in Workshop CafĂ©, Clerkenwell in London so I had a nice little walk and arrived dying for a coffee!
coffee brewing masterclass thermos london
coffee brewing masterclass thermos london
coffee brewing masterclass thermos london
coffee brewing masterclass thermos london
While I love coffee, I usually tend to stick to the chain coffee shops, purely out of convenience, so I found it really interesting to hear from a barista with a passion for coffee brewing. First we were told about the coffee brewing process from bean to cup. Next it was time for some fun challenges where we used the brewing equipment (don’t ask me the names lol) to make our own coffee and try out each others attempts at the perfect cup of coffee. The scent and flavour differed between each cup.
I had fun and I obviously Periscoped the experience. You can watch it below and laugh at my coffee making attempts BoopFashionista on Periscope.
Thermos also gave us each a Thermos Stainless King Flask which, no joke, keeps your drink warm for 24 hours. I tried it! My coffee was still warm the next day! After the event I was thrilled to find a Thermos Travel Mug in my goodie bag. This is perfect for my commute and might even save me a few pounds by bringing my coffee from home rather than indulging in a coffee-to-go every morning.
coffee brewing masterclass thermos london
Are you a coffee lover? Let me know in the comments below.

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