Summer at the Beefeater Grill, Croydon

Now that there is a daily blog post here on Bec Boop I’m happy to share a little bit more than exclusively fashion and beauty. You might have noticed this with my recent travel and food posts. While I still love to focus primarily on fashion and beauty I like to share my journey with you; be it in London, Ireland or even further afield. I’ve spent the last week in India and I’m really looking forward to sharing this part of my adventure with you all here on the blog. Firstly, let’s look at a Summer Foodie event I was invited along to recently. This was held at the Coombe Lodge Beefeater Grill, Croydon and was hosted by Beefeater’s new Brand Development Chef Paul Fletcher.
Beefeater grill summer menu ice cream
Beefeater grill summer menu blog review

The Food

Let’s cut straight to the point; well Boop does love her food! I didn’t really know what to expect as I hadn’t heard of Beefeater Grill before although I understand they are pretty popular here in the UK. After meeting with the chef and team at Beefeater Grill I was greeted with a chilled glass of Pimms and a perfect Summer evening backdrop for the event. 
Shortly the team began to bring out the starters and there were generous portions available for us all. I think I tried everything on the Summer menu lol! The first dish I tried was the chicken, bacon & avocado salad which I really enjoyed. Avocado is a pretty popular ingredient of late but I’ve usually only incorporated it into breakfast dishes so I was surprised by how well it worked in the salad. A great starter for a warm evening as it’s quite light. We also tried some of the sharing platters with dips and then onto the more traditional fish & chips.
Paul gave an overview of each of the dishes as they were presented which was super informative. Before long I was tucking into the delicious sliders followed by Peri Peri chicken which was yum! When it came to the steak we were presented with two enormous cuts of meat! Paul explained the careful process of cooking the steak perfectly at Beefeater Grill.
While this was all going on I should mention that of course I was Periscoping the event (@BoopFashionista). I mean all this food was too good not to share! 
Beefeater grill summer menu salad
Beefeater grill summer menu review
Beefeater grill summer menu fish chips
Beefeater grill summer menu pimms
Beefeater grill summer menu chicken
Beefeater grill summer menu sliders
Beefeater grill summer menu steak
As if I could eat anymore but of course it didn’t end there. It was time for dessert! First I tried the Eton Mess (see top of the page for image) which was absoultely delicious. I’m quite a fan of this dessert regardless but I can see how it earned a rightful spot on the Beefeater Grill Summer Menu. There was also chocolate fondant but I’ll admit I literally couldn’t manage anymore at this stage. The presentation was pretty cute though. 
Beefeater grill summer menu chocolate

We were also treated to some delicious milkshakes at this stage which were the perfect way to end the evening. 
All in all I was quite impressed by the menu. I mean it’s affordable and good quality food with a nice Summer twist. The venue is stunning, albeit a little bit outside of London but well worth the visit.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What’s your favourite dish to see on a Summer menu?
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  1. Grill, fries, & Macedonian salad. But the dessert inb the first pic at the top reminds me of Mr. Bean picnic-ing, with book and …fly, Bec! 😀

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