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In today’s blog post I’m sharing my favourite Hand-Care products. Some of these are high-end while others can be found in the grocery aisles of your local supermarket! Our poor little hands suffer the most as they are exposed to the vulnerability of changing weather conditions and everything we touch.  My sister Stephanie is a nurse and always preaches about the importance of looking after your hands and she’s got me looking after my hands a little more too. It’s really simple to incorporate these products into your daily routine, I was pretty surprised. I’ve also reviewed some of these products previously on Bec Boop so you’ll find links to the original blog review below too where applicable.
Handcare favourites blog

L’Occitane Shea Nail & Cuticle Oil

L'occitane shea nail oil blog review
Shea is basically my buzzword when it comes to hand care. It’s super super nourishing and our hands cannot get enough of it! Our cuticles often need some extra love and care, especially if you’re a fan of having shellac or gel nails (guilty!). The cuticle oil very easy to apply with the brush applicator. I like to apply it weekly before I go to bed to allow my cuticles to soak up all of the goodness overnight.

Soap & Glory Hand Dream

Soap & Glory hand dream blog review
Soap & Glory products are a girls dream – cute packaging and delicious scents. So of course their hand care offering was going to feature in my favourites. I love this generously sized, intensive hand cream. Not only is it moisturizing but stimulates cell renewal and targets age spots too.


Nail skin vitamins blog review
I’ve always been careful to take my vitamins, especially at times when my busy lifestyle means I know I’m not getting enough of every vitamin which I should be. B12 and Selenium are some of the main essential vitamins for healthy nails and I’ve found an affordable supplement which contains all of these key ingredients in It Really Works Vitamins which have recently launched.  They are also packed with tons of vitamins to maintain normal hair and skin too.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Vita Coco Nails
You can basically use any coconut oil but my current favourite is the new Vita Coco offering. This is a great budget-friendly cuticle treatment and is really quick and easy to use. The benefits of coconut oil have been broadcasted everywhere in the last year but had you thought of using it as part of your hand care routine? Coconut Oil is great for conditioning your nails and can be revitalising for nails that are not in the best shape.

The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream

The Body Shop Hand Cream Favourites
There it is again, that word – shea. I did warn you it was my favourite hand care buzz word! I don’t think I could do a hand care favourites without including my handbag essential – the Body Shop Shea Hand Cream. This is so great to have in your bag and close by at all times for a quick, soothing top-up for your hands. I use this on a daily basis as it’s really fast-absorbing and leaves my skin feeling so soft. 
Let me know your hand care favourites in the comments below.
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