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As National Recycling Week draws to a close I thought it was the perfect time to share my finished #UpcycleRevolution piece with you. I mentioned, at the beginning of the month, this project which I have been working on with Gumtree UK where they selected 20 bloggers to take part in an upcycling challenge. The event was held last week in Central London with all of our upcycled wonders on display. You can check out how this cabinet looked before I started work on it here.
gumtree uk upcycle blogger event
jewellery storage upcycle gumtree
beauty storage upcycle gumtree
beauty storage upcycle gumtree
beauty storage upcycle gumtree

The Upcycling Process

First of all you guys know this was my absolute first time attempting something like this! I accepted the challenge as I love to push my boundaries when it comes to creativity and of course the event helped raise funds for charity which I am always happy to support. The upcycling was a lot of hard work!! I have serious respect for upcyclers after taking part in this challenge! It is hard work but the end result makes it all so worthwhile. I loved creating something based on the ideas in my head when it comes to beauty/jewellery storage.
First of all I had to sand the cabinet down – this was super tiring as I mentioned continuously over on Periscope (@BoopFashionista) during the process. I then painted the cabinet in a silk-finish white paint. I wanted to create something which I thought readers of Bec Boop might like to use to store their makeup or jewellery so this was the idea I worked with. I used magazine cut-outs to DIY the back of the cabinet and added some cute finishes such as the hanging area on the top shelf – perfect for sunglasses or hairbands.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! 🙂

The Event

The event was held at White Space in Leicester Square and I brought my friend Shane along. It was great getting to see everyones finished pieces as we had all been mad-stalking the hashtag on twitter in the weeks running up to the event. I also had an opportunity to interview the judge – Max McMurdo for an exclusive Periscope interview on the @BoopFashionista channel which was a lot of fun. He shared his insights on the future of upcycling and how to turn it into a career. I’ve shared the interview over on the Bec Boop Facebook channel if you would like to take a look.
Congrats to the guys from for winning the bloggers challenge with their imaginative kids toy storage unit, upcycled from a drum-kit!! I was impressed!

What’s Next

My makeup and beauty storage unit is for sale on Gumtree here with all proceeds being donated to the Irish Cancer Society.  
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