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I’ve been blogging here at Bec Boop since February 2013 and over this time I’ve amassed a suitable blogging kit. I thought in today’s post I would share my blogging essentials. Let me say that when I started blogging I had none of these items, probably not even the iPhone! So they are not essentials to start blogging as such and that’s not what I am trying to say. I’m simply sharing the items I use on an everyday basis to keep Bec Boop going! 
The more costly items were well thought out. None of these were impulse purchases and each item is exactly the investment I wanted to make to better this blog. The less expensive items are cute and keep me smiling on this blogging journey. I hope this post may inspire you if you are thinking of adding to your blogging kit or that it provides a little background information as to what I use each item for.
Bec Boop blogging essentials


Bec Boop blogging essentials
Over a year ago I invested in a pretty iMac however I couldn’t bring this with me safely to London when I moved here. So I ended up selling the iMac and re-investing in this little macbook. I went for the Macbook Pro 13″. I was happy to have the smaller screen as I travel quite a lot back and forth from Ireland and for business trips with work so I didn’t want anything heavy or chunky. 
I use the MacBook for writing and uploading all my blog posts along with editing photos and videos. I also do my blog analytics and planning on my MacBook…come on guys I am an auditor at the end of the day – we do love our excel spreadsheets 🙂


Bec Boop blogging essentials
Bec Boop blogging essentials
I use two cameras for blogging. The main camera which I have used for the last couple of years is my Canon DSLR – EOS 1100D. I use this for taking the majority of photos for my blog including outfit photos and product photos. I also use this for filming videos for the Bec Boop YouTube channel. I really like this camera, it’s easy to use, I’m no photography expert so that was a super important factor. 
The second camera I use is the Sony A5000 Compact System Camera. This is a newer addition to my blogging kit. The DSLR is great but is a little chunky for carrying out and bringing to events which is one of the reasons I got the Sony Camera. I also love that it has a tilting screen and I can use the Sony app to turn my iPhone into a remote when using it too. The wi-fi functionality also means that I can take a good quality photo on the camera and send it direct to my phone in seconds for uploading to Instagram (@Bec_Boop).


Bec Boop blogging essentials
If you’re a blogger a smartphone is probably the first necessity. I’m a self-confessed iPhone addict! I currently use the iPhone 6. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Periscope I spend a lot of time on my phone. I use my phone to take some photos for Instagram and I like being able to reply to social media comments from blog-readers in real-time. As you can probably guess since I use Periscope a lot I usually have a spare portable battery charger for my phone too.


Bec Boop blogging essentials
Bec Boop blogging essentials
Bec Boop blogging essentials
Some other blogging essentials I use include cute stationery – notebooks, sticky tabs, post-its and the likes. If I’m on the go I’ll use the notes app on my iPhone but when I’m at home I like to jot down blog ideas and plans in my notebook. If I’m going to an event I’ll usually bring one of my cute notebooks with me too. I also have blog business cards although I tend to get sick of the design pretty quickly so I’m always updating them!
I also think it’s really important to have a blogging office space. Currently mine is a little corner in my bedroom – but it’s my space. I have a simple white desk but I like to keep photos and quotes that inspire me close by. Along with some sweet treats to nibble on while blogging of course.

What are your blogging essentials? Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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