My First Visit to a Blow-Dry-Bar

When I told my mam I was heading to a bar last Saturday morning at 11am I’m sure she had a mini panic attack. All was ok when I explained that this was not your average bar, it was in fact a Blow-Dry-Bar! This concept was completely new to me although I know blow-dry-bars are super popular in the States so I was thrilled to be invited in to the blo Blow-Dry-Bar in Covent Garden for a look. 
Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop
Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop
Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop
Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop

Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop

The Blow-Dry-Bar Experience

The blow-dry-bar is located in the uber stylish Covent Garden Piazza in Central London. When I walked in I was greeted by the most vibrant and stylish salon with pink and white decor bearing the blo logo. After a friendly greeting with the staff I was treated to a coffee while I browsed the hair menu to select the style I wanted to go for. As my hair is of long-bob length the stylists chatted me through which styles would work best which was super interesting.
I settled on a combination of the Holly Would and Pillow Talk styles from the signature blo-out range which left me with a glam, tousled curled style which did not look out of place during the day but was also perfect for a party I was planning on heading to that night. The process was about a half hour and quite a relaxing session. Firstly I had my hair washed and treated using the Unite Product range which left my hair feeling (and smelling) so wonderful. Then I was brought over to the styling area where I had my hair blow-styled while I enjoyed a coffee.

The whole experience was very enjoyable and fun. This is my ideal way to relax on the weekend, nothing beats being pampered. It was also really nice to meet the owner Irina Squire who talked me through the Blo concept. The Covent Garden salon is actually the first of the brands salons to open in Europe.

With a blo-out available from only £28 on a walk-in or appointment basis  (trust me, walk-in is a rarity in London salons!) I will definitely be making a return visit. I can’t emphasise enough how fun it was to spend my Saturday morning in a blow-dry-bar, this would make the ideal girlie hang out on a trip or pamper session when you’re feeling a little down in yourself. 
Blo Blow Dry Bar London Bec Boop

Have you ever been to a Blow-Dry-Bar before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. That looks gorgeous – so shiny and beautifully shaped! I've been to a blow dry bar once and I loved it. It was such a great pampering experience and a great pick me up after a long train journey! x
    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. Isn't it such a great idea! I could never get my hair to look like this if I tried it myself so I'll definitely be popping back 🙂

  3. Hi Claire, I had heard that they were quite popular in America, it's great that they are making they're way over here now 🙂
    T-shirt is from Primark BTW x

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