Clinique Even Better – My Everyday Foundation & Tips for Finding Yours

Finding your perfect everyday foundation can feel like you have totally cracked the beauty code. It can be a challenge and a long journey to finding both your ideal everyday product and shade or you could be lucky and come across it pretty quickly. I have been using the Clinique Even Better foundation for a couple of years now as my everyday makeup base and in today’s post I thought I’d share my positive thoughts on this cult beauty product and some tips for finding your perfect everyday foundation.
clinique even better foundation beauty
clinique even better foundation bec boop
clinique even better foundation blog review
clinique even better foundation review

What makes this Foundation so Perfect?

I’ll stress that when I say this foundation is perfect, I mean – perfect for me. Everyone’s skin is different and some foundations which suit your skin won’t be suitable for mine and vice versus. If you have been thinking of trying out this offering from Clinique read on for my thoughts. 
I believe that this foundation is more than your average foundation product, it also corrects and evens your skin to give you a smooth and consistent complexion. It is a liquid foundation which comes in a small 30ml bottle with a pointed nozzle which is great for controlling the amount of product you plan to use. The little tube will surprisingly go a really long way with mine usually lasting approximately 3 months which is amazing considering I wear it most days. 
If you’re wondering why I have so many tubs of Even Better lying around in these photos it is because I roll between two shades – 02 Fair and 03 Ivory. They are basically the same shade however 02 has more of a pink tone to it whereas 03 is more colour neutral. This foundation blends like a dream and results in a soft matte finish. I apply this foundation using the Real Techniques buffing brush in circular motions all over my face and jawline. The finish is very natural looking which is key for an everyday foundation.

Tips for Finding Your Everyday Foundation

  • Think about what look are you going for. Do you prefer full coverage or light coverage for everyday use.  This will drive the type of product you choose as BB Creams can be quite popular for everyday makeup if you like a lighter coverage.
  • Consider the type of foundation product. I find for everyday foundation liquid works best especially if you are wearing a primer underneath. Powder/cream foundation can sometimes be a little drying on your skin however if you are more prone to oily skin you may select an alternative to liquid.
  • Evaluate your budget and cost benefit analysis. If this is going to be your everyday foundation you’re definitely best off investing a little and going for something more high-end. Foundation is the base for your full makeup look so naturally it’s quite important. You don’t want to choose a foundation product though which is super expensive as you will be re-purchasing when it runs out which could be every few months.
  • Get a colour match. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having your colour matched by a makeup professional once you select the product you want to use. It is pointless trying a tester on the back of your hand. When it comes to foundation you need to check it to your skintone on your face or jawline. 


clinique even better foundation blog review
What’s your everyday foundation product?

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