3 of my Favourite Lip Plumping Glosses

2015 was without a doubt the year of the lips. If you covet Kylie Jenner’s full pout but don’t quite fancy the idea of fillers then fear not. There are alternatives which can be found in your local drugstore in the form of lip plumping lipgloss. Now, this is not a new concept at all, I for one recall using a lip plumping gloss years ago and being utterly petrified at the tingling sensation which occurred after! They are certainly more commonplace in the beauty world recently and I have selected three of my favourite lip plumping lip-glosses to share with you in this blog post.
Most of these lip-glosses work by stimulating collagen and/or elastin production and a slight tingling sensation after application is totally normal.
lip plumping lip gloss best review

1. Dior Lip Maximizer

dior lip plumping lip maximizer
Let’s kick it off with a bang! The Dior Lip Maximizer is without a doubt my favourite lip-plumping lip-gloss. It is high-end of course but believe me, a worthwhile investment. The collagen infused gloss provides a longer-lasting plumping effect when used on a daily basis. Alternatively it can be used over a lipstick or lip-pencil for an instant fuller-lips look. I love the subtle pink sheen and have taken to using the lip maximizer directly on my lips for a nice daytime shine.

2. Faces Ultra Lip Plump

Faces Ultra Lip Plump
The Faces Ultra Lip Plump is a recent discovery from overseas. I actually picked this up while I was on vacation in India and you might have spotted it already in my India Beauty Haul blog post. This option is more budget-friendly and is another nude gloss which makes it perfect for daytime use. I like that this lip plumper contains natural ingredients such as ginger root and natural moisturisers. The Ultra Lip Plump comes in a variety of different shades, I went for this light peach shade ‘Le Flirt’.

3. Physicians Formula Lip Plump Potion*

Physicians Formula Lip Plump Potion
I first told you about this quirky little lip-gloss last year when I was reviewing some Physicians Formula beauty products. I use this lip-gloss more for an evening or night-out look as it has quite a copper sheen when applied. The plumping is very instant too rather than long-lasting so it’s great for popping on as you leave in a rush. 
Have you tried any lip-plumping lip gloss products yet? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.
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