Bowery & Fourth Fashion Launch with Milli Millu Handbags London

Woohoo it’s the weekend and here in London it’s a bank holiday weekend 🙂 even bigger WOOHOO! OK, I know, you guys in Ireland have a long weekend to look forward to next week, don’t worry! Last Sunday I was invited along to the launch of new fashion brand Bowery & Fourth here in London which was hosted at Milli Millu London. I was actually testing out my new camera so I’d love to know what you think of the shots in this post…and there are quite a few of them. I couldn’t help it, the sleek white interior is a bloggers dream!
Bec Boop fashion blogger london

The Event

fashion brand blogger event london
I was thrilled that this event was hosted on a Sunday evening. I work ridiculous hours Monday to Friday which makes it difficult to attend any mid-week events making this a lovely treat at the weekend. Milli Millu handbags are located near Victoria in London so I actually walked there from Leicester square. I vlogged a lot of this for my first weekly Vlog which will be published on Monday on the new Bec Boop Vlogs YouTube channel so you can head over there if you wish to see more. I really enjoy walking around London at the weekend, I try to avoid public transport as much as possible outside of times when I am commuting to and from work. 
While I was walking looking for the Milli Millu offices I spotted Lubka from the Blog of One Balgarka who you might remember I met when she hosted the Bloggers Tea Party not long after I had just moved to London. It’s always nice to see a friendly face when you arrive at an event and that’s quite rare for me as I still feel so new here. I also spotted Dom who I knew from Press events in Ireland so it was an event full of friendly faces 🙂
We were treated to afternoon tea and the cutest prosecco ever before taking a look around and meeting with the brands.

Bowery & Fourth

bowery & fourth fashion launch london
bowery & fourth fashion launch london

Bowery & Fourth is a new fashion brand just launched here in London. I really enjoyed getting to meet the lady behind the brand and learn a little as to the background of Bowery & Fourth who are a lifestyle brand offering classic and contemporary business attire for the urban gentlewoman. This brand sounds right up my street! Living in London and working in an office I certainly feel like I fit the bill of an urban gentlewoman and this was cemented by the fact that I absolutely loved the collection. The colour range is absolutely perfect for the office and yet still has tones of blue, burgundy and teal so it’s a little outside of the ‘monochrome office’ box. I also loved the clean cut white blouses. A white blouse is something every woman should have in their capsule wardrobe
The two brands were really well married together and definitely complemented each other.

Milli Millu London

milli millu handbags event london
milli millu handbags event london
milli millu handbags event london
milli millu handbags event london
milli millu handbags event london
milli millu handbags event london

Milli Millu are another London based brand with their handbags being firm celeb favourites. Milli Millu offer much more than your standard handbag as they are bags which are both stylish and functional. My ears definitely pricked up at this point as I am forever overloading my poor handbags with laptops, notebooks and the likes. 
I loved the design of the bags which is easily recognisable. Each bag features the signature Milli Millu interior designed to fit a laptop or your work essentials and are handcrafted in Spain. It was really interesting to hear about how Milli Millu give back by way of their charity initiative A Bag, A Life in collaboration with the SOS Children’s Villages.

milli millu handbags event london

All in all this was a really enjoyable Sunday afternoon and you all know I’m at my happiest when I’m doing something fashion related or spending time with my dog and since he’s still back in Ireland that’s been difficult lately.

I’d love to know what you think of these brands in the comments below.

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  1. First of all, your new camera, as well as your writing, led to basically a quality catalog in this blog entry of yours. Both brands should be grateful to you for this.

    The ones in the last two photos top -> bottom look like old radios or tape recorders but almost none of the contents in the pics in this blog posting is for me so it doesn't count.

    I myself liked the brown(ish) ones in photos 6, 7, 8 top -> bottom (respectively, right, left, left in those pics as one looks at them) and the entire sets in pics 9-10.

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