Sunny Saturday in Galway

It’s nearly the weekend fashionistas! What amazing weather we are having. I honestly believe there is nowhere in the world prettier than Galway when it’s sunny. Although I haven’t got to enjoy it much this week as I work in an office I made the most of the sun last weekend!
Galway sun pretty

Bec Boop Jungle Cafe Galway
Bec Boop Summer Galway
Bec Boop Rebecca Casserly Galway
Bec Boop and the mayor
Coffee with the Mayor
Rebecca Casserly galway summer
Images by Divmedia
On Saturday evening I popped into the Jungle Café in Galway for a coffee. It was my first time visiting this café which has a really cool outdoor ‘jungle-like’ area. Who’d have thought we could have the Amazon experience right here in Galway. The coffee was amazing too, I went for my usual order – caramel latté. I’m so addicted to this coffee. Sadly I never get a chance to enjoy  it during the week as I’m always rushing about the place on my commute so I treat myself to numerous caramel latté’s once the weekend comes. We joined the Mayor of Galway City – Pádraig Conneely for coffee. There was so much going on in Galway last weekend with the Galway Food Festival and I had just finished the Greenes Shoes Spring Fashion Event which you can read about on the blog later this week, so I was pretty tired. We took these snaps beside the prettiest pink flower I’ve ever seen.

This is one of my ‘Summer’ outfits. I picked up this green pastel jeans in Zara over a year ago and I think the whole look is so Summer ready. I actually also picked them up in pastel pink at the time!

Have you visited this café before? How are you enjoying our early Summer weather?

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