Office Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

Office Fashion – a subject I know all too well. It’s the challenge faced by women in the workplace on a daily basis – how to incorporate the latest style trends while maintaining a professional look. You can’t exactly whip out that tulle midi skirt in the office; as much as you love wearing it. I thought for today’s post I’d share some office fashion styling tips in the form of Do’s and Don’ts. This might be of interest if you’re starting a new Summer job or Internship over the coming weeks or if you just want to revamp your office fashion wardrobe of course (any excuse). 
Office Fashion Styling Tips

Office Fashion Do’s

  • Do think minimalist – this is the one case in fashion where less really is more. 
  • Try and reflect your personal style, within reason, in your office fashion looks. For instance I always tend to wear something with a bow be it a small necklace or dainty headband and this doesn’t change when I go to work I just try and ensure that the whole look is still professional.
  • Monochrome – black and white office looks are always going to look polished and professional which is exactly the attitude you want to exude.
  • Wear heels – this one is probably up for argument but I’m a firm believer of high heels in the workplace. Again, ensuring they look professional (see don’ts below for more information).
  • Invest in a good well-fitted suit. This will see you through job interviews and is definitely an office fashion wardrobe essential. I swear by Next when it comes to my suits.

Office Fashion Don’ts

  • Don’t overdo the minimalist thinking – cleavage on show in the workplace is not the look you’re going for!
  • Don’t  literally stick to your personal style – you should still remember that you’re in an office environment and which probably has a workplace dress guide that you should be sticking to. 
  • Don’t go all monochrome so much so that you look like a goth or a bride to be.
  • Don’t wear platforms…just don’t. You’re going to be uncomfortable all day and that will come across when you interact with people in the workplace and they just don’t look professional. Keep the platforms for the weekends 🙂
  • Don’t wear an ill-fitted suit. This is the one item of clothing you can’t skimp on – if it doesn’t fit absolutely 100% in store you need to bring it to a tailor. Trust me, comfort is key when it comes to nailing that interview.
I really hope you enjoyed these office fashion tips. If you have any office fashion tips please do share them with us in the comments below. Remember, everyone’s style is unique and I hope that these do’s and don’ts inspire you and help to transition your personal style into an office/workplace environment.
I’ve also put together a little office fashion wishlist showing some staples which will get you started on building your office capsule wardrobe. Most of these are from the High Street because I wanted to show you don’t need to break the bank when building on your office style collection. 

Please let me know if you enoyed this little taste of office fashion and if it’s something you would like to see and read more of here on Bec Boop.

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