Billion Dollar Brows Review

Billion Dollar Brows is the brand new eyebrow treatment to arrive in Ireland straight from the celebrity world of L.A. Once I heard that the likes of Lauren Conrad and the Kardashians endorse this treatment I immediately wanted to try it out! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have this exciting new treatment last weekend at Waxworks, which is exclusively offering the treatment in Limerick. As I have naturally fair eyebrows I am a fan of getting them tinted and waxed however I have had some disastrous treatment experiences in the past and it can be so hard to leave a beauty salon with an eyebrow look you are content with.

What I love about Billion Dollar Brows is, rather than giving you the ‘designer eyebrow’ รก la Cheryl Cole or Angelina Jolie which, let’s face it, does not suit everyone’s face, the Billion Dollar Brows treatment gives you a unique eyebrow shape for your face. Your brow artist, using the ‘Brow Buddy’ maps out your brow. This makes a lot of sense since we all have different facial features so of course our eyebrows should be unique to our individual look. This treatment was excellent and the lovely Claire Corcoran in Waxworks talked me through the process explaining that my eyebrows were naturally straight and although they do not have a natural high arch she was able to shape my brows to get the best look that suited my face. Following tinting your brows will then be waxed, tweezed and trimmed according to the outline of your brow shape.  A temporary fill-in is then used as the final step to complete the Billion Dollar Brows look. The brow artist demonstrated how to maintain the look using the gorgeous Billion Dollar Brows Products. These items can be purchased in Waxworks Limerick to ensure you are able to maintain the look for long after you leave the salon! I feel that not only did I receive a luxurious Saturday morning eyebrow treatment, but this was also a learning experience and I am now aware of how to maintain my eyebrows for the best unique look that suits me. As my eyebrows are so fair before being tinted I feel that the overall finished look really suits my complexion.

This is the happiest I have been after an eyebrow treatment in a very long time and the Billion Dollar Brows look amazing with eye make-up. I have included some images below showing how the treatment works and how my eyebrows looked after the Billion Dollar Brows treatment. I loved that Waxworks Limerick took the time to explain the Billion Dollar Brows methodology and showed me how to maintain the look at home. I have never been confident enough to use a temporary fill-in on my eyebrows, always fearful that I would go too far with the fill-in and now after being shown how to get the best look for my face I have been maintaining this look daily. Waxworks is a fab, luxurious salon and it is well worth the trip to Limerick for this treatment. They are now my go-to salon for brow-beautifying!
What do you think, have you tried Billion Dollar Brows yet?

Contact: Waxworks, 112 O’Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland. (061)-400066 or like on Facebook

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Billion Dollar Brows Review
Pre and Post Billion Dollar Brows
Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy
Brow Buddy used to map eyebrows
Billion Dollar Brows Review
After the treatment in the beautiful Waxworks salon

Billion Dollar Brows Review


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  1. This is fantastic
    you are very brave to include a picture of you using the brow buddy.
    I love the look . The first picture is brilliant as I can really see the difference.
    I will be taking a day trip to Limerick City really soon. Congrats wax works this looks like a winner.

  2. Is this only available in Waxworks Limerick?
    I would love to try Billion dollar brows,
    I live in Dublin.

  3. Hi Marie,

    As far as I know there should be some salons in Dublin offering the treatment. A quick google search might point you in the right direction, although it is a new treatment in Ireland. If you can't find one, it will be worth the trip to Limerick to Waxworks ๐Ÿ™‚

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