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Gels, shellacs, polish, lacquer, tips…it’s enough to confuse any fashionista! I tried gel nails once and they looked fab the trouble was getting them removed. I was lucky to leave the beauticians with any nails left at all and I haven’t tried them since. I then went through a phase of getting shellac nails for about five months last year and as gorge as they looked I was never happy with the growth look after a week. Now I am back to your trusty store-bought nail polish. I have stayed away from this for a while because of how quickly my nails begin to chip. Today I spotted – Maybelline  color show and purchased shade 183 Speeding Light. I went for this shade because I am loving bright nail shades at the moment and wanted something that will match whatever outfit I choose to wear over the next week! I will be interested to see how durable it is and how long it lasts…described by Maybelline as a chip-resistant formula for bolder color that just won’t quit! Two coats and it did what it said on the tin – bold color! It dried pretty quickly which is a bonus for anyone as impatient as me! The shade also came out exactly as it looked in the bottle bright pink! Has anyone tried this collection yet, let me know how you find it?


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