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A watch is a real timeless fashion piece and something I find requires a lot of thought and consideration when upgrading. I recently treated myself to the new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch. Before this I hadn’t got a new watch in about five years so believe me – I thought about it a lot! Here are my top 3 tips and things to think about when buying a new watch.

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Budget is probably going to be the main factor to consider when shopping for a new watch, either for yourself or as a gift. A watch will typically be on the pricey end, given the luxury nature however this can vary greatly depending on the brand. A good, durable and stylish watch will typically set you back over £100-£150. If you’re on a tighter budget and looking for something to wear more as a statement fashion piece rather than an everyday reliable watch – rest assured, there are plenty of good dupes available which can really glam up an outfit.

I decided to treat myself to my first ever Daniel Wellington watch after my sister showed me the latest style – the Classic Petite. Although there are lots of great dupes out there for Daniel Wellington watches I had really wanted one for a long time. A little saver tip is to  do a little research and you will definitely be able to find a blogger discount code on one of the many #DW instagram searches.

Style & Size

Next I would recommend thinking about the style and size of the watch which you want. I have a teeny tiny wrist so anything big and chunky would look a little funny on my arm and just too over-sized. This is why I went with the Classic Petite watch, it’s dainty and looks super pretty. This watch also has a thin strap which I quite like. Fashion watches come in so many different styles including bracelet style dress watches or  compared to traditional strap watches. It’s worth spending time doing your homework on the style you will get the most wear out of.

In deciding on the style and size of the watch you want I would recommend reflecting your own personal style. Although I initially planned on getting the Classic Petite watch with a white face, after thinking about it a little more I opted for the black watch face. The reason being – I tend to wear black clothes an awful lot and I thought this would look very classy when worn with my everyday office wear and general dark wardrobe. It works much better with my current wardrobe.

Material Type

Finally think about the material type of your new watch. If you plan on wearing the watch on a daily basis you are going to want something strong and durable. The watch I chose is stainless steel mesh bracelet type. Previously I had one of the very popular and instagram-worthy Michael Kors rose gold watches. Both of these material types look great when stacked with bracelets on my wrist. They are also easy to maintain and keep shiny.

I am really happy with my new watch, it’s very ‘me’ and will do me for a long time until I begin considering these three things to think about when buying my next watch again in a few years hopefully!

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Did you find these tips useful? What are your tips for buying a new watch?


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  1. Watches seem to be going out of style, but I still love them. Like you said, they are timeless, and it’s always a good investment. I need to buy a new one soon, so I’ll remember the tips you listed here.

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