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First of all I owe you guys a massive apology for the unexplained lack of blog posts over the last two weeks here on Bec Boop. In today’s post I will explain the reason behind this and also share my opinion on why bloggers deserve some ‘annual leave’ too.

Bloggers Need a Break too vacation

Where have I been?

Although there has not been any actual blog posts here on Bec Boop for the last two weeks if you follow my social media channels you will already know where I was. I had two-week vacation from work and I went back to Ireland for this time. Since moving to London in February I have focused non-stop on blogging in every spare second I get, increasing my blog-post game to a daily post Monday to Friday. While I absolutely love this, upon arriving back home in Ireland at the beginning of my annual leave I made the decision to take a break from blogging over my vacation.
Most of you know that I work full-time as an accountant which is quite a time-demanding profession, especially here in London. I also work full-time as a blogger delivering daily blog posts and spending my evenings and weekends working on new content or doing the administration side of things which comes along with blogging. I’ve enjoyed every second of London life but I’m quite a home-bird at the end of the day and I absolutely love Galway city where I’m from in Ireland so I wanted to enjoy this break. I’m also very close with my family and I wanted to spend time with them while I had the chance to and also of course spend time with my dog Kingsley. 
While back home I was at the Galway Races festival for five days which was amazing but took up a lot of time each day with preparation and the actual time spent at the racecourse. It was just not possible to fit in time for blogging daily also during this period. I will be blogging about some of the activities I did while in Galway including the Galway Races so please do keep an eye out on the blog over the coming weeks. 
I did of course keep my social media channels updated including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m also very active on live-streaming app Periscope (@BoopFashionista) and produce a number of broadcasts every day as I absolutely love this app! I completely embraced the opportunity to share my home-city with my Periscope followers while there. This brings me nicely on to my exciting news update!

Speaking at #IBCC

I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Irish Bloggers Conference, Cork taking place on 26th September. I will be talking about the topic of ‘Periscope for Bloggers’. Tickets are already available and can be booked here. As one of the leading UK/Irish Periscopers I’m looking forward so much to talking about this topic and sharing my Periscope journey with you all. Periscope has opened up my blog to a whole new audience of readers while also giving current readers a newer opportunity to connect in a more instant way.

Bloggers Need a Break Too!

In every profession you are entitled to a minimum annual leave entitlement so I don’t see why blogging is any different! I’ve never taken a blog break as such before but I feel it was needed and also will be beneficial to my blog going forward. A blog break gives you time to reassess your blog and look at it with fresh eyes on your return. It’s entirely possible to burn-out when juggling more than one career so I believe a break can be good!
Blogging is a very social media heavy career and we all know how necessary it is to take a break from the online world every now and then. I’m the worst culprit when it comes to putting away my blogging kit so I found it really nice to leave my macbook switched off for a couple of weeks for a change!

Your readers are not going to go disappear sure, they will wonder where you are but once you explain on your return and outline any changes you’ve decided to implement to your blog going forward it should all be fine.

Have you taken a blogging break? How did you find it impacted upon your blog?

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