A Day at the Galway Races with Ladbrokes

Today’s post is the last in my Galway Races blogging series, until next year! I usually would only go the races Monday to Friday as I am absolutely shattered at that stage but this year Ladbrokes invited me along to the Ladbrokes Red Day event on the Saturday of the Galway Races. I had recently been at the Ladbrokes Wimbledon Summer Party so I knew we were in for another treat.
Galway Races 2015 Ladbrokes

The Event

Ladbrokes had invited myself and seven other Galway based bloggers along for the day. We all met outside one of the racecourse entrances where we were greeted by Laura and Sophie from the team. After this we were each given our passes for the racecourse entry and admission to the Killanin stand. Every other day I had been at the racecourse I tended to stay outdoors so this was a nice treat for my final day there. It was also an incredibly windy day (hence the lack of outdoor photos) so I was more than happy to experience the atmosphere from indoors for a change. 
Shortly after arriving at our table in the stand we were treated to a four course dinner while we watched the racing and placed our bets. I of course had no luck with my betting. That’s what you get when you pick your horse by their name – see ‘Coffee’ below!
It was really great to catch up with some of the bloggers I had met before and of course to meet others for the first time. I have listed all of the bloggers below so please do go and check them out and massive thank you to Ladbrokes for the lovely day out. It’s so great to see more brands supporting the Galway blogging community. 
Galway Races ladbrokes bloggers
Galway Races ladbrokes bloggers


I can’t thank Mark Garvie Millinery enough for the amazing hats he kitted us out in all week long. Please see my previous posts to check out some of his collection. This hat was one of my favourites from the week, I loved the fun style of it. I teamed it with a casual cropped-top style dress and since it was Ladbrokes day I accessorised with red.
Galway Races millinery fashion


Have you ever been to a racing festival? 
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