Trying the FaceB4 Skincare Clinic

About a month ago I was invited to try out some skincare products from the brand FaceB4 by completing their skincare clinic review where I would track my results over a four week period. You guys know me, always excited to try out a product that’s new to me so of course I couldn’t resist. 
FACE B4 skincare clinc
FACE B4 skincare duo
FACE B4 antibacterial facewash
FACE B4 antibacterial serum

Product Details

The FaceB4 Skincare duo is essentially a purse-friendly antibacterial skincare set. They are highly recommended for spot-prone and inflamed skin, which I’m blessed to say I don’t suffer from but more on my thoughts below. The Face Wash is a combo in itself with one dispenser from both compartments – face wash and toner which promises to help clean pores and reduce excess oil. Step 2 is the gentle serum which is suitable for all skin types and vitamin enriched so it’s good for your skin. The face wash is priced at £14.99 with the serum on sale for £9.99 so basically a full skincare regime for under £25 and can be purchased online from the FaceB4 website.

My Thoughts

I have normal to sensitive skin so I’m very, very careful about what products I use on my face as the last thing I want is any sort of reaction. So, considering the fact that Face B4 were new to me I gave a good deal of consideration to using these products (although obviously very well known here in the UK as they have been awarded the UK’s most effective facewash). I found the facewash technique really different to anything I’d tried before – you massage it onto your face and then leave for one minute before rinsing off. Follow up with one or two pumps of the toner. To be honest I quite enjoyed using these products and would most likely re-purchase them. My skin remained clear during the trial period  which was great and felt squeaky clean after each use. 
FACE B4 skincare blog review

I’d love to know if any of you have tried FaceB4 before (see what I did there lol) and what were your thoughts. Let’s chat in the comments below.
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