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Today on the blog I’m reviewing the new anti-perspirant from Sure Maximum Protection – Stress Control. I haven’t talked sweat on the blog before but hey, there’s a first time for everything and anti-perspirants are an everyday essential so it’s definitely going to be of interest. I’m also really pleased with these photos and how pretty they turned out (who’d have thought an anti-perspirant could look so cute!). 
Bec Boop Sure Maximum Protection review
Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control review
Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control*


Sure have recently launched two new offerings from their Maximum Protection range – Stress Control and Sports Strength. Sure Maximum Protection is already one of the leading anti-perspirant brands out there and is strong enough to protect against odour and yet mild enough for everyday use.

My Thoughts

I’ll start this review by saying – I’m a spray deodorant kind of girl. I can’t remember the last time I used a roll-on or cream deodorant however I was excited to try this out. Mainly I was sold by the ‘Stress Control‘ branding of the anti-perspirant I received. I try my best to live a stress-free life by doing what I love however running a blog while working full-time as a professional accountant means this isn’t the easiest goal to achieve. I’m always striving to add relaxation, stress-reducing activities or products to my lifestyle so this sounded quite suitable. 
When you take the lid off for the first use you’ll notice that the top of the product is dry. 
Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control blog
A few turns on the wheel will bring the cream to the surface with two turns recommended for every underarm (applied directly). 
Cream Anti-Stress Anti-Perspirant
When I read the instructions on the box (to ensure I was using it correctly for this review) I was surprised to see that it’s recommended to apply this at night, before bed. The reason being that our skin is more receptive to Sure Maximum Protection while at night as our sweat glands are least active. The protection then lasts throughout the following day with application only required at night. Nonetheless I ended up using it every morning and night, that is more so because it’s my own routine and the knowledge that I’m going to be travelling on the London tube at rush-hour squashed between the crowd means that I feel more secure with that extra morning application.
I really really liked the scent of this product. Everytime I use it I’m taken back to when I visited America and every single beauty, haircare or skincare product seemed to smell amazing. This just reminds me of the undesirable scent of a product that isn’t yet available ‘at home‘. Normally a deodorant or anti-perspirant (surprisingly there is actually a difference) scent will tempt me to re-purchase it and this is no exception. The lavender and white flower scents help reduce stress and keep you calm. I found it quite effective and felt really really fresh after using it. I lead a busy lifestyle and I can safely say there were zero sweaty situations while I was trying this out and that includes during morning rush-hour on the tube in London, exam pressure and the likes.
Sure Maximum Protection review
I’m actually surprised to end this blog post by letting you know that I’m now a fully converted cream anti-perspirant user! Let me know your deodorant/anti-perspirant preferences in the comments below.
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