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I’ve never been illustrated before, this is one of the coolest experiences ever! This illustration of Bec Boop experiencing a serious fashion faux-pas comes to you as part of the Simply Be #SimplyBeReal moments campaign. The aim of this campaign is to depict the realest of the real moments experienced by women in everyday life. I was super excited to be asked to take part and help show how fashion doesn’t always go to plan and that even fashion bloggers can experience a fashion faux-pas. Read on to hear my #SimplyBeReal story and the background to this illustration. 
An illustration of Bec Boop for Simply Be's #SimpleBeReal moments campaign
Illustration by Anna Assan

Bec Boop’s Simply Be Real Moment

I’m a complete coffee addict but we all know that rushing around with coffee in one, hand mobile phone in the other, Taylor Swift blaring in my ears and an oversized handbag on my shoulder can lead to quite a few accidents. I’ve often had the misfortune of spilling my takeaway coffee all over my outfit and there’s nothing worse than this happening first thing in the morning – outfit ruined! The worst part is that coffee is quite a difficult stain to remove from clothing. So not only is it mortifying when this happens (trust me) but your clothes will probably bear the faint outline of a coffee stain for weeks! 

Anna depicted my Simply Be Real moment story by illustrating Bec Boop, in one of my recent favourite outfits. Do you recognise it? This was my London Fashion Weekend outfit. I couldn’t believe how true to life the illustration is – I’m always listening to music on my earphones (Taylor Swift on repeat) and there’s a good chance I have a coffee in hand.

You can follow #SimplyBeReal moments on Instagram and Twitter to see how other women have shared their real moments stories. Women, especially fashion bloggers are not perfect, no matter how this may appear from our Instagram feeds. Check out their funny stories, memories and fashion mishaps as part of the Simply Be campaign.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been brave enough to share your #SimplyBeReal moment story yet 🙂

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  1. GalwayHour party in Meyrick about 1 year ago. I just wanted to congratulate Flynn Admin. I waited for a good moment to do so, so I kept a distance from the bar counter where she was being in a conversation with Digital Nymph.

    They took their cups of champagne and left the bar counter as if there was no one around. I didn't realize what the two of them were staging either.

    I followed them, keeping a distance, through doors & corridors, thinking I reached a patio where they went for a smoke.

    It turned to be the Ladies Room, actually.

    A unillustratable #SimplyBeReal, staged embarassment I will never forget or forgive. My turn for returning an embarassment replica is coming up. Invisalign for Invisalign. 😉

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