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Every year since I started blogging my sister and I have gone to the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards event which takes place in Galway. So this year of course I had to fly back from London for it. Prestige Salon in Galway city invited me in to get ready for the event and so I took some photos to share with you here of my trip to the salon and makeover.
Before and after photo of Bec Boop in Prestige Salon Galway

Bec Boop getting her hair curled in Prestige Salon Galway
Bec Boop after her makeover in Prestige Salon Galway
Bec Boop getting her nails done in Prestige Salon Galway
You might remember when I went through my gel nails phase last year I used to have them done in Prestige Salon every 4 weeks so I was thrilled to be asked by the owner Monika to come in and visit on my next return to Galway. The Irish Fashion Innovation Awards appeared to be the perfect opportunity. I had my makeup done and a received a hair styling session in the salon. I really like having my hair this length, even though it’s quite short there are still so many styling possibilities. The hair stylist went for a curly style which I loved especially the side fringe curl-out. It’s very 60’s!
Prestige Salon are also on Facebook and have a new recently launched website where you can find all details of the services available. They are conveniently located right beside Eyre Square in Galway city. I love my makeover and can’t wait to share my full look for the Fashion Innovation Awards with you all. I’ll be posting photos over on the Bec Boop Instagram page (username Bec_Boop) during the night and tweeting (username @BoopFashionista) photos from the fashion show.
You can also read my blog posts about the Irish Fashion Innovation awards from 2013 and 2014 to get an idea of what to expect.

Make up area in Prestige Salon Galway
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