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I have been writing CRAICing fashion articles for the CRAIC in Galway magazine for nearly a year now. I really wanted to share the current edition’s article here as I love the photos we took as part of the preparation for the article which was – CRAICing Fashion – Hats Guide.
Galway City fashion

Stephanie Casserly model Galway
Stephanie Casserly ripped jeans fashion
Stephanie Casserly rooftop fashion
model Galway Ireland
Stephanie Casserly bowler hat fashion
Stephanie model galway hats
Stephanie Casserly sun-hat
Stephanie Casserly  baseball hat
Stephanie Casserly city fashion
I have really been practising my photography skills as I want to be able to deliver high quality blog photos so I was happy with how these photos came out. My sister Stephanie Casserly who is a professional model based in Galway, modelled and styled some hats for the shoot covering the different trends which would be discussed in the article. I am so blessed that Stephanie is able to help me with these fashion shoots, she is always such a pleasure to work with and so professional 🙂
Read my hats guide in edition 24 of the CRAIC in Galway which is available for free across Galway city & county.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you a hat-lover? Which look is your favourite?

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