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Happy Monday fashionistas! I have a lot of exciting events in October which I cannot wait to share with you. I recently received this new tanning product from Wow Brown to review and don’t get me wrong I was excited about trying it out however I soon noticed that it is marketed as giving the deepest, darkest shade of Wow. I am very fair skinned and although I do wear fake tan occassionally a dark shade would not suit my skin tone. Luckily the lovely Noreen Kelly, who I met at the Galway Bloggers Party offered to review the product for you all. You can find Noreen’s make up facebook page here. Here is her review.
Wow Brown Ready To Glo Blog ReviewWhen you are asked ‘Were you on holiday?’ You know your fake tan looks like an actual tan not just a good fake tan! Wow Brown has a new fan! I will admit when I am in the fake tan section at Boots I avoid any fake tans that are an oil or a liquid. All I can think of is mess, hard work and waiting an age for your tan to dry. But Wow Brown proved me totally wrong, it is selling itself as a salon tan you can recreate at home and you certainly achieve it! The tan itself comes in a spray bottle so it is easy to control and means less waste. I sprayed it onto the mitt and away I went, it is so easy to apply! It is an instant tan, so it is easy to see where you are applying and where to rub it in.

The instructions state you can wear it straight away, rinse off in 5 hours or leave overnight for a deeper tan. I would put it on and head out the door for a night out, but if I was to going to a wedding I would rinse it off after 5 hours. It does develop over time and as it is dark I would not want to look over tanned, I am sallow so don’t want to look mahogany. However if you are pale don’t shy away from it as a little bit of product will give a gorgeous glow.

It takes no time at all and it actually dries really quickly, so you are ready to go out on the town straight away. If you are a girl who only tans her legs for a night out 10 minutes before you head out the door it is perfect – It is ‘spray on tights’ like Wow Brown are advertising! My tan came out such a natural colour and there were no streaks. I really did feel like I had stepped out of a beauty salon and kept looking at it smiling. Hoping it was my tanning technique rather than the product but I know it was the Wow Brown Dark!! The only negative thing I will say is that you are really excited at first because there is no tan scent, but after a while it gets a little scent, but nothing too bad. Then it disappears again – so it must be part of the development process however it is not a smell that is overbearing.
Wow Brown Ready To Glo Blog Review
Wow Brown Ready To Glo Blog Review
As you can gather I really liked Wow Brown Ready to Glo – this fake tan makes my skin look good in minutes! What more can a girl ask for???
P.S. I have the tan on for four days now and it is still looking good!


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