Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick (Nude Peach)

Oriflame is a brand I was introduced to at the #LDNBloggersParty just over a month ago. When I was browsing their products at this event I was amazed by the variety of innovative beauty items they offered. You can buy directly from the website or through an Oriflame consultant. After the event I kindly received the Oriflame Triple Core 3D lipstick to review and feature on Bec Boop Fashionista World.
Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick Blog Review Nude Peach
The lipstick I received is shade Nude Peach and it also comes in four additional shades – Coral Pink, Red Coral, Fuchsia Candy and Berry Pink. The three different colours in each lipstick combine to create the illusion of full lips. The darker outer core is a contour effect to make lips appear more voluminous. The silver middle core illuminates and optically plumps your lips and the lighter inner core is a contrasting finishing touch to give volume.

Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick Blog Review Nude Peach Swatch
I used this lipstick in some of my Galway Races style posts earlier this week and it was fantastic for a quick lippie fix. I found it applied really easily and had a very moisturising texture which made it look more like a lip gloss or shimmer than a lipstick. I do tend to use more than one product on my lips such as a lipstick with a slick of gloss whereas using this lipstick I did not need to add any additional products. The triple core 3D lipstick retails at £10.95 on the website and you can buy it here. I really liked the nude peach shade as it created a subtle 3D effect whereas I think something more brighter may have a looked a little too much for day wear. I also think that this lipstick would be a great addition to your party purse as it is so quick to apply for a shimmering look. The colours tend to blend slightly after the first use but that is to be expected and they still combine for the desired 3D effect beautifully.
Have you tried this lipstick yet? What do you think about a 3D effect lipstick?
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