5 Ways to Wear Bows

Inspired by this week’s IFB project: ‘Write a List Post’ I have put together a list of 5 ways to work bows and ribbons into your fashionista wardrobe. I am a list lover and use lists to bring some organisation and structure to my otherwise hectic life. Juggling a career as an accountant with my love for fashion and beauty blogging requires the frequent use of  to-do lists and reminders.

I absolutely love bows and ribbons of all sorts. This is a super-girly trend. Bows are so easy to customise and a great starting point for the ‘wannabe’ accessory designer.

1. Clothes

Polyvore Bows Clothes Ribbons
Bows on Clothes
Wear bows and ribbons on your clothes for the ultimate girly-girl look. There are many different ways you can do this: tie a ribbon around your dress or top, wear a skirt or dress with a bow designed into the material or wear a t-shirt or dress with a bow print/pattern on it. They also look great in a contrasting texture or colour to the clothing item. I love how bows complement other fashion trends such as the peplum leopard top in the set above.

2. Shoes

Polyvore Shoes Bows Ribbons
Bows on Shoes
Bows on shoes look amazing no matter what the shoe type! This trend can be worn with flat shoes, sandals, wedges, stilettos and boots. You can customise an old pair of shoes by adding a bow quite easily. They look great in the same colour as the shoe as seen in the blue sandals above or in a contrasting colour like the red and black stilettos in the image above. I love the sneaky bow on the back of the shoes.

3. Hair

Polyvore Hair Bows Ribbons
Bow Hair Accessories
I think bows look very pretty when added to a hairstyle. You can literally work them into any hairstyle you have and depending on your style you can add a simple small bow hair-clip or a huge bow hairband. If you really like the bow trend you can even turn your hair into a giant bow รก la Lady Gaga! I would love to know how to do this, it is worth looking into any blogger tutorials that are out there. Again, a simple ribbon can be used to create a cute and feminine look. I have also seen bows becoming very popular in hats and millinery ever since Princess Beatrice wore that Philip Treacy hat!
Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

4. Handbags

Polyvore Handbags Bows Ribbons
Bows on Bags
Handbags with bows on them are just too cute. Again the bow print can be incorporated into the fabric or attached separately. I think bows which contrast with the colour of the bag look best. Your bag can be discreet with a little bow on the fastener or a large eye-catching bow on the front of the bag.

5. Jewellery

Polyvore Accessories Jewellery Bows Ribbons
Bows on Jewellery

This is my favourite way to work the bows trend as a subtle bow jewellery item can be added to any outfit whether it be work-wear or an outfit for a night out. As this trend is so popular you can pick up bow jewellery items in the majority of high street stores, although I prefer to find vintage bow pieces in smaller independent boutiques. Teeny-tiny bows look cute as earrings or necklaces or larger bows in various fabrics can be incorporated into your bracelets. I love big plastic bow rings and the various patterns they are available in.

As with most fashion trends, although bows look amazing I think it is important to avoid wearing too many bows at the same time! I also think that bows are a timeless trend and disagree that they are only for schoolgirls. I think they can look very professional if worn in the correct manner and yet add a playful accent to your outfit.

What is your favourite ways to wear bows?

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  1. Brill post
    I am a bow lover too
    especially in shoes,
    I didnt realise the variety of ways to bow it ๐Ÿ™‚

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