Garnier Daily all-in-one BB cream review

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For my first beauty review I decided to test the Garnier Daily all-in-one BB cream. I know BB creams are a common sight on the market at this stage but I for one had not tried them out yet. I am sure I am not the only fashionista relying on a daily moisturiser and cream foundation combo and as a fashion/beauty blogger I want to be adventurous with my reviews.
Garnier BB Cream review
What it does: 
The Garnier daily Blemish Balm (BB) cream promises to be a miracle skin perfector. Now that sounds too good to be true! The Vitamin C and mineral pigments are supposed to unify your skin giving a sheer and natural look. I applied the BB cream on its own after my normal cleansing routine in replacement of my daily moisturiser, however I chose to wear the BB cream without foundation to see how the look lasted during the day. I used my fingers to apply this in-line with the ‘save time with your skin care’ image Garnier are portraying with this product and found that it blended very easily and left no tell-tale line around my jaw line. The cream looked very much like a tinted moisturiser when I was putting it on however I liked that it’s non-greasy formula did not give the shiny finish that tinted moisturisers can so often leave. I have a very freckly face, being an Irish cailin and the BB cream did tone them down giving a smooth overall finish. I think the BB cream would provide decent coverage for any blemishes or spots but it might be necessary to use a concealer aswell. I loved the scent of the cream, think very floral and fresh. I know the jury is out over strong-scented beauty products as they can sometimes cause reactions for sensitive skin but I am always tempted by a good smelling product. The BB cream claims to be best suited to individuals with a hectic lifestyle (which I certainly have) and improves the dull tired look that your skin can have. I found that my skin did not dry out during the day and the sheer look did last well. In addition, this BB cream has SPF 15 and claims to hydrate for 24 hours. It comes in light and medium shades and the images below are of the light one as this is what I used.

Approx €15 for 50ml
Bec Boop Verdict:
 I like this (Like NOT Love) and will be using this during the summer days in replacement of a heavier make -up look.  What are your verdicts on BB creams?
Garnier BB Cream Beauty Blog review

Garnier BB Cream Swatches and Review


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  1. Hi lovely,
    I actually have this sitting on my shelf and haven't tried it yet haha. It looks quite dark though? I wouldn't want it to look too coloured because then it would look like foundation.

    I love your blog and am following you on GFC & bloglovin now.
    I'm currently hosting the giveaway of a £65 beauty hamper on my blog. Would love it if you checked it out 😉

    Looking forward to your next post xx

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