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When I started this blog I had anticipated doing an App of the Week Feature however I have had so much other exciting events and topics to post about I have decided to do a mobile app review once a month instead. This means that the app review will run alongside the Fashionista of the Month feature. Time is running out to nominate for the April Fashionista of the Month! Just email becboopfashionistaworld@gmail.comwith a brief note on your personal style and a photo you would like featured along with your blog url if applicable.

This month I have reviewed the mobile app for Forever 21 which is one of my all time favourite stores! Unfortunately this shop is not yet available on the West of Ireland and so the app comes in very useful as I am not close enough to just pop into Forever 21 for a browse every weekend…. if only!

App Review: Forever 21 Mobile App for iphone
Price: Free
-Barcode Scan 
-Shop (US only) 
-Deals (US only)
-New Arrivals  
-GPS Store Locator.


A line of bored looking men standing around Jervis Shopping Centre on a Saturday is a very common sight in Dublin, as their other halves get lost in the fashion heaven that is Forever 21! The app is very colourful just like the in-store experience however the layout could be improved as it can be difficult to filter to find the item you want. The layout also means it is difficult to view more than two items at once which can be frustrating when you are browsing aimlessly and hoping for style-inspiration to jump at you, as is often the case. 

You also have quick access to the Forever 21 blog posts and videos. I have not actually used the barcode scan yet, but it looks like a nifty feature especially for fashion bloggers as it enables you to scan your new purchase and then share on social media sites as you wish. This can also be used to check the inventory of a particular item. I really like the Lookbook feature where you can browse and shop various looks created by the top stylists at Forever 21.

The obvious negative with this App is that shopping is currently only available in the US, although they have noted that more countries will be added in the future. I can not deny that I was disappointed with this as I got so excited when I seen the Deals section. This is something we can look forward to in the future once Ireland is added. The app is nonetheless very useful as you can browse the collection in advance of going in store. I liked the ‘Shop by’ feature where you can select categories such as back in stock, top rated, almost sold out and style deals.

I have rated this app 3 stars primarily due to the lack of shopping outside of the US however it is still most definitely an app I will make great use of!

Screenshot: Home page
Screenshot: Lookbook
Screenshot: Blog
Screenshot: Shop by
Screenshot: Shop view

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1 Comment

  1. Get real forever 21
    teasing us with this app
    showing us all we can not get, then realising we can only look, as you do not ship outside the good ol USA.
    I guess it is cyber window shopping a its best.
    I will have to visit a country with a forever 21 or travel to the USA at some stage. For now the app will have to suffice.
    Great review I agree it is difficult to navigate.

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