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Mascara is probably the one beauty product which I simply could not go without so I’ve compiled my all time favourites which includes a mini review of each product. I have naturally very fair lashes, which luckily are quite long, so it’s a necessity in my everyday makeup bag. I tend to be quite picky when it comes to my mascara so when I find one I like I stick to it. In today’s blog post I’m sharing my all-time mascara favourites which I’ve tried and tested – some over the years and some in recent months. I hope it’s helpful to you if you are thinking of trying a new mascara product or looking for that perfect mascara.
Bec Boop's all time mascara favourites blog post

1. Benefit Bad Gal

This is my number 1 all time favourite mascara by far. I’ve been using Benefit Bad Gal mascara for years and currently have it in full size and travel size for on-the-go. I am moreso a fan of bristle brushes so this is perfect for me. It has a really large bristle brush coats your lashes evenly and adds so much volume. I haven’t actually reviewed this before on the blog as it’s a product which has been around a while so do let me know in the comments below if you would like to read a more detailed review on Benefit Bad Gal mascara. I did however feature it in a very early blog post back in 2013 which shows how long I’ve been a fan.

2. Urban Decay Perversion

This is a more recent mascara favourite which I discovered in the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette. Again it’s a bristle brush so I fell in love instantly. The brush however is quite narrower when compared to Benefit Bad Gal so I’ve found it gives a completely different effect on your lashes. I’ve only got it in the travel size currently but will most definitely be upgrading once I’ve got finished this one.

3. Lancome Hypnose

Again this is a mascara which I haven’t featured on the blog before and not surprisingly again it’s a bristle brush. In contrast to the other mascara wands mentioned the Lance Hypnose mascara wand is slightly curved. This is a more high-end mascara but definitely worth the money as it’s quite long-lasting and doesn’t clump.

4. Benefit Roller Lash

The latest Benefit mascara offering was hyped quite a lot and it didn’t leave me disappointed. I’ve only got it in the travel size currently but I absolutely love the packaging of the full size product. What I like most about this mascara is the innovative hook and curl technology in the wand, it’s really quite different to any other mascara in the market. I reviewed Benefit Roller Lash in detail recently on the blog and am quite liking it lately.

5. Benefit They’re Real

A lot of ladies swear by Benefit They’re Real and while I’ll always be more of a Bad Gal kind of girl (lol) I do still quite like this mascara too. When it was first released there was a mad rush to try it and I do like how it really divides the individual lashes. It’s nice for a spidery lash effect which can look quite cool for an evening look.

6. Maybelline Great Lash

Finally I’ve included my favourite drug store mascara which is Maybelline Great Lash. Before I started beauty blogging this was probably the mascara that I used the most. It’s quite good for an everyday mascara and I’d recommend it for the younger age group as I quite liked it when I was in university. It does tend to dry out quite quickly however so it’s good that it’s not so expensive. I do still have this in my makeup bag and like to use it every now and again for a different look. The wand is quite smaller when compared to the previous mascaras mentioned but it’s good for getting in and coating every last bit of your lashes.

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What’s your all time favourite mascara? Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. Definitely! I've actually got an Urban Decay tutorial coming up next week on YouTube where I try out lots of their products 🙂

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