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The beginning of Spring is another one of my favourite times of year. Not least because my birthday is 1st March but also because it symbolising the changing of a fashion season as we enter Spring/Summer territory. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday celebrating in London and although I did miss spending it with my family I got to visit Somerset House for the first time to attend London Fashion Weekend. How could I complain ๐Ÿ™‚ To continue reading, view the outfit photos and shop the look simply “Click to View Post” under the image…
Bec Boop london fashion weekend

Bec Boop lfwend outfit
Bec Boop lfwend ootd
Bec Boop london fashion outfit 

Outfit Details

T-shirt (here) & Sleeveless Blazer (here) New Look // Shorts Forever 21 // Fishnet Tights Primark // Ankle Boots (similar here) H&M // Bag Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins // Sunglasses Vintage (similar here) // Necklace Mojiana Jewellery*

On the Face

I had received tickets from Swatch UK to attend London Fashion Weekend and thought this was the best way to spend my birthday. I’d never been to Somerset house before and was dying to see it and soak up the fashion atmosphere. I did find it a little tricky putting together this outfit because I’m so used to having all of my clothes easily to hand back home so it’s super easy to mix-and-match to create my looks. Here in London however I could only bring 2 suitcases with me when I moved so I’m just working with what I have here. I really like this slogan tee from New Look. I always enjoy having fun with my fashion so I definitely wanted to style this casual t-shirt in a fashionable way. #LoveisOverrated I decided to wear my New Look black sleeveless blazer over the tee to give the outfit an overall tailored feel. I then added a bit of a punk edge with fishnet tights and simple black shorts. I finished the look with these black ankle boots which I picked up at the weekend in H&M. You might already have spotted some of these items in my February Haul video if you’re subscribed to the Bec Boop YouTube channel. To accessorise I wore my blue mirrored vintage sunnies which you’ve definitely seen before in a few different outfit posts. The sun was shining in London for the first day of Spring so of course, any opportunity to wear my sunglasses! I also wore a London statement necklace which is from Mojiana Jewellery. I love this jewellery piece and I think when I wear it I will always be reminded of my exciting move to London. 
Black, grey and gold is a great colour palette to work with so I focussed on these three colours in putting the outfit together. You can shop the look in the widget below if you really like any of the items I’m wearing. I am so thrilled that I’ve finally been to Somerset House and fingers crossed I’ll make it to London Fashion Week next September considering I’ll be a lot more settled into London at that stage. While I was at London Fashion Weekend I attended a really inspiring talk by blogging duo We Are Twinset who spoke about ‘Best Friends, Blogging and Business‘. I love hearing blogger success stories, it’s really motivating and encourages me to continue pursuing my dreams ๐Ÿ™‚
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you ever been to London Fashion Weekend?

Bec Boop london fashion detail

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1 Comment

  1. "How could I complain" – in writing! ๐Ÿ˜€

    "Here in London however I could only bring 2 suitcases with me when I moved so I'm just working with what I have here"

    – Currently only 1 en route Galway -> Dublin. Again in 1 mth, then probably the cat in another. Will recover my original 2 green 1s after I pay my B&B debt.

    In the past 21 yrs, my life had 2 fit in2 2 suitcases several times: 2 Canada, then several relocations within, then even 1 back, then repet, then 2 Eire, now within.

    I'm always telling myself "This is the last 1".

    Is this ur 1st, Bec? @ a daughter's-like age, get used 2 i.

    Once u flee the nest, there is no return.

    & no, I've never been to London Fashion Weekend.

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