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The 4th February, 2015 marked the beginning of my adventure in London. It’s hard to believe a month has gone by already and although the majority of it was spent doing essential admin work; finding accommodation and the likes; I still managed to squeeze in a pretty exciting month of it! “Click to View Post” under the image to continue reading about my first month of London blogging! Be warned, it’s a photo heavy post!
Bec Boop at Tower Bridge London

London Events

I was thrilled to be invited along to two events within one week of arriving in London. The first was a Live Painting exhibition by Street Artist Ron English in Boxpark, Shoreditch. I was invited along by the team in Art Republic and this was my first taste of London arty night-life 🙂 That weekend I was also invited to the launch of the Handbag Clinic’s first concept store in Chelsea, London. My trusty Valentino even got a little makeover treatment.
Bec Boop at 2 events in London

London Blogger Networking

During the month I was selected by Lubka Christova of Balgarka to take part in a bloggers photoshoot with an amazing creative team which featured designers and well-established brands. I’m really looking forward to sharing the results of this shoot with you soon on the blog! We had a wonderful tea party and I loved meeting the creative team of MUA, designers, store-owners, photographer, stylist and blogger. I’m really enjoying spending my weekends meeting bloggers who I’ve networked with on twitter for what feels like ages! It’s so nice to actually put a face to the twitter accounts and it’s fun to meet up with people who share the same interests as me in general. I caught up with Fran of House of Blog and we took some fun Valentine’s Inspired Outfit shots after a morning spent exploring Borough Market. You can read Fran’s blog post here. I also went to a charity blogger meet-up last weekend which was a lot of fun.

Bec Boop with London Bloggers

London Food

I went for my first London Sunday Brunch in All Bar One and was thrilled to find it was totally acceptable to have a cocktail with breakfast! I can see this becoming my Sunday thing. In all honesty though I’ve been eating a ridiculous amount of food this past month! I’m seriously going to need to incorporate some sort of fitness routine into my already busy schedule. I’ve been working away quite a lot – more below – which equates to a lot of eating out. Put this with the business of moving into a new flat and lack of time to buy kitchen utensils I actually have not had one home-cooked dinner this month! I have however tried some delicious dishes and new cuisines which I really enjoyed.
Brunch and Food in London


If you read my London Announcement blog post you’ll know that I actually transferred here with work. So although I’m really enjoying developing my blog in the London fashion industry my primary focus is on developing my career. This has taken me to some exciting locations outside of London since I arrived. First off I went to Nottingham a couple of times for business trips. This struck me as a vibrant, urban city and although I didn’t get to see a whole lot, we did eat out in some fabulous restaurants. This week I got to visit Guernsey on a business trip. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to spend more time here, this island is literally one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen! Perhaps I’ll return for a weekend in the Summer.

Guernsey pier and at night

London Fashion Weekend

I went along to London Fashion Weekend on Sunday, 1st March (which coincided with my birthday!) and this was my first visit to the fashion haven – Somerset House. This was one of the highlights of the month in London, I absolutely loved the whole environment and really enjoyed the talks from other bloggers and industry experts on the day.

Bec Boop's London Fashion Weekend Experience.
I’ve got a lot planned over the next month to continue to improve my blog and deliver high quality content that most importantly – you enjoy – reading. I’ve signed up to some Social Media and YouTube knowledge courses to refresh and develop my expertise in these areas. I’m always eager to learn and develop the skills I’ve developed through blogging, I see it all as one thrilling, learning experience. I’ve also got a correspondent (Stephanie Casserly) in Ireland covering Irish press, beauty and fashion events so I can keep my Irish readers updated on social media. Stephanie covered the Debenhams SS15 press event over on my social media channels in February.
Well that month flew and although I do miss my family and my best friend, my dog Kingsley   :(, I’m having an absolute blast. Everyone told me before I made the move that I would love it here and I was skeptical to pay too much attention to this as I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I really do love it so far! You can follow my London blogger adventures on Instagram/Twitter using #BecBoopLDN. 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. If you have any questions about moving to London let me know and I’ll consider doing a blog post addressing them. Have you visited London before or lived here?
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  1. I can't believe it's been a month already! Was so good to meet up at Borough Market – now I'm in the new house we should definitely catch up again. Fran xxx

  2. "Have you visited London before or lived here?"

    – Yes, 6-13 Sep '79, @ 19, in 1 of the high rises of what is now WestminsterU just across from Madame Tussaud's. Tube Edgware Road, or Marylebone Road, or Baker Street. You were not even in the making yet. 😀

    Early June '04 47 Amsterdam Street by kindness of baby sis Sabina, 11 yrs 4 days my junior, who worked around that time 4 about 2 yrs 4 a medical project 4 EMEA.

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