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So this weekend seen Bec Boop attend her first event as a ‘Londoner’. I was invited along to the launch of the Handbag Clinic‘s first concept store for a demonstration and handbag treatment. Just “Click to View Post” under the image to continue reading and watch my video from the event…
handbag clinic bec boop london


The demonstration opened with a brief introduction to the Handbag Clinic and history of the company. It was really interesting to hear how they started off as the ‘father & son’ ran furniture clinic based in Newcastle who were experts in leather repair. Recognising the high volume of handbags requiring repair they developed the handbag focussed – handbag clinic which was initially online based.  The team work on all kinds of bags and work with some of the biggest designer names in the industry such as Jimmy Choo and Mulberry. The Handbag Clinic launched their first ever concept store last weekend which is based on Kings Road, Chelsea, London and which I had the pleasure of visiting. Now customers can call in and speak to the team directly with their handbags as an alternative to sending away their expensive handbags in the post for repair.


The team presented an informative demonstration of how they perform the clean and protect treatments on customers handbags. I was also shown the products used, which are all manufactured by the company itself. 
handbag clinic london demo blog
handbag clinic bec boop demo
handbag clinic clean protect products
Following this my trusty Valentino bag was treated to a well-needed clean and protect treatment. You can watch the full process in the video at the bottom of this post. I was so surprised by the difference, when you’re using your handbag every single day it’s easy to forget about the build up of dirt and grime on it and it really looked as good as new after the treatment. The Handbag Clinic recommend getting your bag cleaned every season, so every 3 months so to speak and this is something I’m going to have to pay a little more attention to in the future.
handbag clinic valentino clean
handbag clinic before after
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and of course tweet me @BoopFashionista if you’ve visited the Handbag Clinic’s store yet!


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