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Last night I went along to the An Púcán bloggers evening in Galway city. An Púcán is Galway’s newest pubbing and live music venue and they invited a select number of Galway bloggers along for an intimate evening of menu tasting, cocktail sampling and blogger fun! Just ‘Click to View Post’  below to continue reading and to see all the photos…
An Pucan Galway

This is quite a photo-heavy blog post as I want to really share with you the detail from the event. You might remember I recently blogged about the Guinness Amplify concert which was held in An Púcán; well the bloggers evening was hosted in the same area of the venue which is perfect for all occasions, be it small meet-ups, lunch with a friend or larger parties. Head chef Tom Joyce treated us all to his menu specialities talking us through the food and presentation from start to finish. It was a really enjoyable experience and it’s quite clear Tom knows what he is doing in the kitchen! I was really impressed with the restaurant-style quality of the food. It’s not simply your usual ‘pub-grub’ style. An Púcán do however tailor the menu for the events/crowds such as on match-days there are special offers for a burger and pint combo, sure what more would you want! Another popular lunchtime offer is the An Púcán 3 which is three portions of lunch time treats for just €8. It was also great to hear that An Púcán support local producers and suppliers where possible as I consider this really important for the sustainability of Galway businesses.
I wouldn’t have considered myself as much of a seafood fan however after trying the oysters, mussels, crab claws, seafood platters and deep-fried oysters last night I’m definitely converted! And that was just to start! We were then treated to the An Púcán salads, curry, fish & chips, stew and much more!! We finished the food tasting with a taste of the An Púcán cheese-board followed by the yummiest brownie I’ve ever had!
I would highly recommend An Púcán to anyone looking for an excellent quality food menu in Galway city. Thanks so much to Tom Joyce for taking the time to talk us through his menu. They also do a 501 club every Friday which is something I’m looking forward to coming along to soon. The 501 club includes great music, complimentary finger food and great craic!

The Food

head chef An Pucan
An Pucan seafood
An Pucan seafood menu
An Pucan salads
An Pucan curry
An Pucan fish & chips
An Pucan cheese board
An Pucan brownies
Following the menu-tasting we tried out the An Púcán cocktail menu! There was so much to choose from and I ended up opting for the dirty mojito which was awesome! The cocktails were superbly presented and tasted amazing.

The Cocktails

An Pucan cocktails
An Pucan cocktail menu
I can’t thank An Púcán enough for inviting us bloggers along to experience their venue in this way. It was such an intimate and fun experience and the perfect way to spend a Thursday night in Galway city. I’ll definitely be back to An Púcán very soon! It was so much fun to catch up with some of my favourite Galway bloggers and of course to make new friends too 🙂

The Bloggers

An Pucan bloggers evening
Bec Boop & Meghan Mode
Bec Boop & Meghan Mode
Bec Boop & Country Mouse
Bec Boop & Country Mouse
Bec Boop & Nelly Doll
Nelly Doll & Bec Boop

Thanks again to An Púcán for such a fun event! Don’t forget to head over and check them out on facebook so you don’t miss any of their amazing offers.

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