Denim for Taylor Swift Red Tour London

I am still suffering withdrawals from my weekend in London and the Taylor Swift Red Tour. I cannot express how amazing she was in concert! This is my second look from London and it is a fun party outfit which I wore to the concert!
Taylor Swift Red Tour London Blogger Outfit
Taylor Swift Red Tour London Blogger Outfit
Taylor Swift Red Tour London Blogger Outfit
Taylor Swift Red Tour London Blogger Outfit
Dress New Look here // Hair-tie Primark // Necklace Forever 21 here

“I’m walking fast through the traffic lights
Busy streets and busy lives
And all we know is touch and go”
I love this quote from one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs, ‘State of Grace’. I am such a busy-bee all the time but it was unbelievably nice to just take a break for a few days and relax in one of my favourite cities.
How adorable is this denim tunic dress from New Look? It was exactly the look I was going for to see Taylor! I got this dress in the petite section so it is uber-short but I think it looks perfect with sheer black tights. It is so super-easy to wear and comfortable! This dress could easily be dressed-down for a daytime outfit too and I already have some different looks in mind for it.
This is a really fun Bec Boop look to be honest! I went for bright pink lipstick and a retro style hair-tie. I picked up the statement necklace earlier in the day when shopping in London along with a dozen other accessories from Forever 21. Those little baskets they give you are just too easy to fill up!
I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Did you get to see the Taylor Swift Red Tour, what did you think? What are your thoughts on this outfit?
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