Edit: Currently I am running this as a monthly series on the first Tuesday of every month.

It seems like only yesterday I was writing my London blogging – one month update blog post. Fast forward over a year and a half later and I am pleased to announce the new BecBoop London Travel series here on my blog. I arrived in London with eagerness. I took every opportunity that passed my way. My free time was spent networking with other bloggers at events, reaching out to brands or out on foot exploring my new city. Now as a leading London content broadcaster on Periscope I feel the time is right to share my tips and what I have learned about this city here on my blog.

BecBoop Regent Park

Every week I receive many emails and messages from you guys – my blog readers and Periscope viewers – enquiring about my tips for your upcoming visit to London. I love sharing my recommendations and being able to help you guys out. It can be so daunting to visit a large city for the first time. I previously wrote about my tips for moving to London and this received such a positive response on twitter that it got me thinking. Through my content creation on Periscope I have got out and about. Explored as much of this city as I possibly could. Covered as many events as I was available to attend and shared it all with you guys live over on Periscope. I would like to think I’ve discovered many areas of London which would be unfamiliar to the regular tourist but well worth a visit to.

BecBoop London Travel Series

The new BecBoop London travel series will be a weekly blog series and consist of a new post every Tuesday. I hope to cover my travel recommendations of everything this city has to offer. This will include areas to explore, places to stay, favourite foodie spots, shopping tips, best viewpoints and more. I will try my best to consider those visiting on a budget and those looking to splurge on their London trip. The BecBoop London Travel series will be as inclusive as possible!

Get involved!

I have been so excited recently snapping my adventures in preparation for the launch of this series. I am also 100% open to suggestions. Please tweet me if you have a particular blog post request for the series or leave a comment at the end of this post. I promise to read them all and endeavour to deliver on what you guys want to know about London. You will also be able to follow the discussion on social media using #BecBoopLDN.

So please pencil it in! Keep an eye out on my social platforms where I will be sharing the BecBoop London Travel series every Tuesday. First up we will be taking a trip to London’s Royal Parks.

London view Primrose Hill sunset

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What are the first things you think about when planning a city break to London?

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  1. This is exciting news, Boop. You may have more upscale travels in mine, like Windsor Castleand Hampton Court Palace, which are great places to visit. But one of my favorites is to visit the local Zoo when I have an opportunity. I would love to see the London Zoo with you and the rest of the Boop Troop.

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